Scarlet Witness

Scarlet Witness

 Columbia, Missouri, USA

The sound, energy, and power of a Scarlet Witness show is one worth seeing. The band derives its message and influence from wanting to give truth and hope to their listeners. From the powerful guitars to the beauty of violin, SW hopes to shed light and hope on the dark we live in.


Scarlet Witness is a high – energy rock band from Columbia,MO – Jason Mathews on lead vocals and bass, Justin Mize and Jordan Schiefer on guitars, Brian Mathews on drums and Kerri Mathews on violin. The band recently released their first music video for their single “Rescue Me”. Scarlet Witness has shared the stage with artists such as Remedy Drive, Abandon, Wavorly and the Cast and Crew. The band is ready to hit new highest performing as headliners across the midwest.

The band began in 2009 under the name Evidence. Jason and Brian are the only original members remaining today. Dustyn Middleton – original guitarist, and Carly Allen – original bassist completed the set for the start of the band. Justin Mize joined the band in 2010 as a second guitarist, and Jordan Scheifer replaced Dustyn that same year after having to move away. After Allen left the band, Jason took up the bass while remaining the lead singer. Kerri Mathews was added in 2011 to add violin to the group. Much attention was brought to the group in 2011 with their release of their first single entitled “Rescue Me”. Later that year the band released its first independently produced music video “Rescue Me” which helped opened the eyes of fans and bring new opportunities for the band.

Scarlet Witness concert sound consists of many talented musicians with a variety of musical backgrounds. The contrast of the powerful drive and ambient delays of the two guitarists Justin and Jordan, combined with Brian's killer drums, melodic strings from Kerri, and the hype and vocal prowess of lead singer Jason gives Scarlet Witness an overall unique energetic and crisp sound.

Today the band is in the process of independently recording an EP album entitled "Unlock My Heart". The band just released its new single off the new album, entitled, "Moments Last". The band is constantly looking for new shows and gigs to play. During the new year and the summer, Scarlet Witness will be performing many shows throughout the Midwest and looking to play multiple summer festivals.

“ Were a family of 6 making music and sharing a message together.” Says bandleader Jason Mathews. “We want to make and perform music that gives us a hope in our live. We are super excited for what is coming for the band and to see where it will take us. We never give up, never back down, and always live to be a witness.”


Alive Inside

Written By: Jason Mathews

Verse 1:
I used to think there wasn't more to this.
I was a batter who was striking out on every single pitch.
Like a soldier who is fighting without cause,
I was running in circles chasing lies and flaus.
Realization calls.

That today I know that I am free at last.
I know that Im the captain at the hull of the the ships mast.
I swear today I will run from dark to to the light.
Because now I know that Im alive inside, Im alive inside!

Verse 2:
Clouded were my visions of what free.
Couldn't see three steps past my defeat.
So closed off that I found it hard to breath.
But now I see that there is more for me.
What a great relief!

Moments Last

Written By: Jordan Schiefer; Jason Mathews

Verse 1:
Whenever the moments last, the fallen dreams decide to let go.
Fears of a broken past were lonely, made me feel so,
empty-minded, overwhelmed; so broken-hearted, and into the unknown.

So get up and go! So get up and go!
And soon you will know this life is yours and you are not alone,
so get up and go!

Verse 2:
Missing the memories and trying to see where I went wrong.
Finding the least of these in places where, they don't belong.
So absent-minded, overwhelmed; so uninvited and truly alone.

This is your life, are you where you want to be.
Don't lose yourself, to the trail of broken dreams.


"Rescue Me" - Single, Released January 15, 2011
"Moments Last" - Single, Released January 25, 2013

Set List

All songs are originals:
1. Alive Inside
2. Creed of Hope
3. Second Chance
4. Who I am
5. Reflections
6. City of Dreams
7. Believe
8. Sadie Hawkins Dance (by Relient K)
9. Moments Last
10. Unlock My Heart
11. Evidence

All headliner shows typically last an hour. For opening circumstances, we usually do 20-25 minutes or whatever is allotted for us.