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The best kept secret in music


"Not Well" - Fader Magazine

"Rockrgrl cover/feature"

Cover/feature story - Winter 2004/issue #50 - Rockrgrl Magazine

"AP Wiretapping, feature - scarling."

Issue #187 Feb. 2004 - Alternative Press

"Sweet Heart Dealer"

One look at Scarling might suggest that they're a new batch of goth-inclined neo-hipsters ready to sell themselves to America's disaffected youth in the wake of the breakthrough of Evanescence. However, while a spin of their debut full-length, Sweet Heart Dealer, confirms that legions of mopey kids should go for this big-time, it's also clear that this band has an awful lot more going for them than the surfaces might suggest. While dominated by the massive guitar sounds of Christian Hejnal and Rickey Lime, Scarling's songs display a canny pop sensibility that bobs just beneath their aural surface, and former Jack Off Jill vocalist Jessicka's voice seems to have gained some welcome depth and texture in the context of her new band. Hejnal and Jessicka have cited Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine as key influences on Scarling's approach, and it shows — rather than going for standard-issue Marshall-stack crunch, Hejnal and Lime utilize feedback, drones, and floating masses of overtones to give these seven songs an attack that could be described as a loving pummel that embraces as it bruises. And you can actually sing along with "Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole" without hurting yourself, which is no small feat. Sweet Heart Dealer is a remarkably accomplished debut from a band with very real potential. — Mark Deming -

"Ex Jack Off Jill girl returns!"

Jack Off Jill deserved more than they received. Having created some of the most charismatic art noises of the 90s, they split in '00, disillusioned & destitute. But vocalist Jessicka was never about to throw in the towel. Now she's back with Scarling. - a deviously melodic, even on occasion subversively outfit. This is a cascading crush of damaged psyches and inflammable fragility, dosed up on The Pixies and Sonic Youth. Scarling. soothe yet jar the nerves almost simultaneously. The ironic quirkiness of "Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole" and the trenchant "Baby Dracula" are among the most essential songs of '04 so far. Produced by NIN collaborator Chris Vrenna, this is a triumphantly claustrophobic fairground ride for any kind of dysfunctional family. - Metal Hammer

"Losing Today"

Scarling. ‘Band Aid covers the Bullet Hole’ (Sympathy for the Record Industry). Okay admittedly a little late with this one, but hell sometimes you just can’t keep a good tune or three down. Currently to be found doing sizeable damage on the ‘Blisscent 2’ compilation from Blisscent Records and holding its own among a welter weight of gliding guitar ensembles most notably the Meeting Places, A Northern Chorus and the storm chasing Skywave, ‘Band Aid covers a bullet hole’ is the debut release from LA’s Scarling. a knuckle rapping taster for their recently released full length ‘Sweet Heart Dealer’. Scarling. are the latest in a long line of melody based noise niks currently setting alight Stateside, formed out of a chance meeting between guitarist Christian Hejnal and ex Jack off Jill vocalist Jessicka, this quintet (who incidentally look like the bastard offspring of John Cale with fully signed up membership cards to the local Jean Paul Sartre existentialist debating society) cleverly marinate varying degrees of goth and shoegaze with a hammer like noise attrition that appears all at once threatening, hostile and yet curiously beguiling. Pressed on red vinyl and housed in a sleeve depicting artist Mark Ryden’s ‘Wounds’ painting, ‘Band Aid covers a bullet hole’ is a chime happy bruiser with bite, a bit like opening a brightly wrapped present on Christmas day and finding you’ve just unlocked a Pandora’s box letting loose onto the world a scheming array of mischievous sprites and delinquent demons. Taking their cue from the likes of Lush, Bang Bang Machine and Curve, Scarling. offer up an alluring bait and like the fly to the spider your drawn instantly into their colourfully woven web, Jessicka’s almost child like naive vocals cutting loose deceptively from angelic invitations to sinister mockery perfect act as a foil for the dreamy wash of cascading melodies themselves routed by barking bursts of fuzz and life sapping fury. ‘H/C’ is a little more direct in intention, a curdling mix of locked down heavy bearing grooves, claustrophobic vibes and grinding swamp like menace that exudes such a wretched feel you’ll be itching for days. If you get the CD version you get the added treat of a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ which if anything ups the self loathing factor by a considerable margin to spine tingling extremes and has the band giving a commendable chilling account of themselves. Essential, as if it was going to be anything less. or
- Losing Today Magazine


Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole - 7"
Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole - ep
Sweet Heart Dealer - full length cd


Feeling a bit camera shy


[Middle English, from Old English scaerlinc, from scar+ -ling, -linc -ling; akin to Old High German von scar, Latin scarnos]

First appeared 2001
1. the smallest mark on your heart left by the healing of a severe injury.
2. he or she who is scarred densely almost emotionless
3. a mentally challenged/physically handicapped sibling of a normal star
4. a band from Los Angeles