Scarred 4 Life

Scarred 4 Life


Scarred 4 Life is a Heavy- Hittin' IN YOUR FACE Blues based 4 piece HARD ROCK ACT, out of the North Coast. GET SCARRED 4 LIFE !!!


Scarred 4 Life is a band of 4 seasoned and well versed muscians. Scarred 4 Life has put together a package of original material that kicks serious ass LIVE and on tape. Our influances range from Ted Nugent to Aerosmith, The Cult to The Beatles, and everything in between. We enjoy playing live shows (Headliner/Opening act). Each member of Scarred 4 Life are well known area musicians who have played their circut for many years in well known cover bands. Now playing together since 2002 Scarred 4 Life has set, and are acomplishing many goals. We are realeasing our first studio project, A follow up to our first release Titled: "Scarred 4 Life", Live at the Cove 03-22-03, and have a support tour kicking off on 06-01-04. Scarred 4 Life was the number one band of the week on for 5 weeks, and in the top 10 for 4 months. To listen to our music, click the link below and come to our website.
Get Scarred 4 Life !!!


Scarred 4 Life Live at The Cove 03-22-03
our material is streamed through many music websites, and internet radio stations, as well as being played on college radio stations in the US.

Set List

A typical Scarred 4 Life set would be 50 minutes and include original and cover material.
The covers would include, and be performed the Scarred 4 Life way: Money by The Beatles, What You're Doing by Rush, Dirty White Boy by Foreigner, and King Contrary Man by The Cult.