Scarred Theory

Scarred Theory


Intense desire to overcome a path walked so many times. Combining the raw energy of hard rock with a melodic presentation. To be a truly greeat rock band. We will forever try and one day will. Our souls wont expect any less


We are the output of the grunge era. As everyone was listening in the nineties and absorbing, we were getting educated. What they had is lost now and we want to bring it backWe have been together for a little less than a year. We are the purest of heart. We love what we do. We are great friends and good people. So we know the truth to fullfill our goals and are one in the process. Our music is metal and lovely. We try to blend emotion and raw energy into one. The constant drive and melodic choruses that buid a great song. that is us. We are not rich so we try to create with what we have been given. We will triumph in the end and will embrace the doubters adn champion the believers. If you watch mtv today, we are different.


Demo - self produced, endless transactions to fans
WVBR FM- myspace band of the week- 08/2005
And this will get bigger

Set List

Set list :
I of the needle
assembling god
teeth to bleed
45th solution
we are an original band and can fill an hour set. this will grow in time and as we grow. We do not play other peolples music