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"FREE Music: Scarswillfade puts its EP on the Internets for $0"

We’re days away from Halloween and already there’s word of a treat. Scarswillfade, the local hard rock group now back in the practice space after breaking up a couple of years ago, just released its three-year-old EP, Love, Hate, Regret, for download–for FREE. Click here to take advantage of the pay-nothing action. So if we’ve got treats coming our way, how long before the tricks begin? -

"56 Things Springfield Missouri Loves!"

35. "Christians in a band"
In case you missed our giant cover feature about the Christian rock industry, it just isn't cool to be a Christian band anymore. Luckily for all you non-atheists out there, it's extremely cool to be Christians in a band. Take our friends in Scarswillfade, for example. They're some church-going growlers playing loud, positive music, but they like playing the clubs, not the sanctuaries. That's hot. - Go Magazine


There has been a flurry of defunct bands returning to stages in Springfield this year, but when we heard local rock group scarswillfade would be joining that list we were a bit surprised. We hadn’t heard so much as a rumor about the group since its farewell show at The Snorty Horse Saloon oh-so-long ago. Then came an email earlier this week with the announcement, as well as details.

Chase Lepard, known most recently as the bass player for Do Tell & The Rumors, tells us via email that he has joined scarswillfade as its new bassist and that the band is hard at work on new material. In fact, one such in-progress work, titled “The Zombie Ate the Dingo, and the Dingo Ate Your Baby,” is currently posted to the band’s MySpace page.

No shows are scheduled yet–it’s a bit to early for that yet–but we would suggest keeping an eye out for more news soon. -

"Stimulate THIS: Scarswillfade reunite–for a low-dough show!"

The Fliermakers are calling it The Economic Stimulus Show, and it’s hard to disagree. Consider: Not only is Scarswillfade getting back together after a long break away from a stage, but the band’s first show back is headlining at Nathan P. Murphy’s June 27 with Assembly Line Gods, The Final Piece, Knife*Death and Change Today for–get this–a $2 cover. Scarswillfade also says it’s working on all-new material and, as they put it, “saying goodbye to all the old songs.” A show full of never-heard-before stuff?! It could be a reality. Find out June 27; hell, it will only cost you $2 anyway. -


"Plastic Fruit For A Starving Nation" (2002, Independent)

"Love. Hate. Regret." (2006, Workers Unite!)



Scarswillfade doesn't follow trends. We aren't about the "metal" image. We aren't about straightening our hair, putting on the tightest jeans, or wearing eyeliner.

We are here to play the heaviest, scream the loudest, and leave our hearts on the stage!

Scarswillfade started in 2001 with a plan to take over Springfield, Mo. After 2 album releases, several lineup changes, and a 2 year break, SWF is back and slaying audiences all over the Midwest! The plan has changed. The goal is now to take over the country, one show at a time!

Scarswillfade has shared the stage and toured with many great bands, including; Zao, Underoath, Living Sacrifice, Norma Jean, Chariot, The Allan Array, Murlesque, The Planning Fallacy, Project 86, Parkway Drive, Here I Come Falling, A Plea For Purging, Novella, Four Letter Lie, Devil Wears Prada, etc.

2010 will be a huge year for Scarswillfade! Keep an eye out on our show listings, we have a tons of shows coming up! You can either sit back and watch or join the party!