Scary River

Scary River

 New York City, New York, USA

Dark, soulful, elements of strings, distortion guitars, drum tracks, each song crafted and unique, with thoughtful and poignant lyrics. Check out Scaryriver on myspace for more!


Scary River was developed after James returned from Brooklyn after creating and succesfully touring on two indie-rock bands, Motion Commotion, and Super Volcano which served as a launching pad for the development of the Scary River concept. Motion Commotion was developed through Ishlab Studios in Downtown Brooklyn and eventually went on in 2005 to record and tour on an EP produced by Jessie Cannon (Piermont Records) while Super Volcano was an offshoot that saw three of the four members self-record a demo and perform in the East Coast region, and eventually performing on the 2007 CMJ festival at the Luna Lounge in Brooklyn through Reverb Nation.

2009 has already been an exciting time in the history of Scary River. Mr. Wolff toured to SXSW in 2009 performing at small clubs, meeting record labels, and securing representation all to lock in a 2010 national tour in support of the Get Control record. In its current form, Scary River is a study in post-minimalist long-form structural movement and evolution with dark electronic keyboard textures provided by a Poly-Evolver keyboard and uptempo blasting rhythm tracks. Using Line-6 Loop pedals on the voice and guitar, these soundscapes are developed through a sound and can carry the listener into strange and interesting places.

The group is in their late 20s and are well established in the local Baltimore area, and frequently give tour support to touring national acts. James Wolff is a recent graduate from Peabody Conservatory with a degree in Composition where he studied with Grammy winner Nicholas Maw.

The lyrics are written with sharp wit, often times abstracted with meanings that extend beyond the surface, and cover a variety of subjects, often times referencing news stories and current events. Having the ability to experiment in the studio for 6 full months, every day recording and listening, tuning into the right mood and feeling for each track, gave the band an opportunity to redefine their sound and explore new textures and atmospheres.

James has since gone on to become an inventor and create a leading asteroid mining and commercial space company while working in the 3D printer industry on desktop systems and larger concrete 3D printer development. In 2015, as CEO of D-Shape Enterprises, the company received the first permit for 3D printed construction. He continues writing music, and is based in NYC. 



Written By: James Wolff


maybe because I was drunk last night, I thought I had just seen you for the first time, and when i went up to say hi to you, you said dont you remember last night, she said, it was 3 am at the north korean resturant over white rice and hot saki, i said i would take it seriously, and she said no said i was just simply flirting, and i asked her about the next day, we had, at art museum with the ancient paintings, did that mean anything at all, and I said I want to take it steady, i am finally ready, ready for you, everybody is wondering but nobody is asking, if you are already taken


your a straight up pantha yeah thats what up kitten, better believe it, strut your stuff with style and attitude, youve got claws and you know how to use them, you had a good momma and a family that really loved you, but your bad inside and now you need to prove it, I can smell your perfume from across the room, my friends say that you are bad but i still want to, and you are always in heat looking to get something, something for free, something for free, and i am just a boy so that explains everything, you could be totally evil but i still would think your sweet, oh yes baby cat your gonna turn me bad,


im so tired of these games that lead no where, its always the same and no they dont care wrapped up in a fast life that goes no where and i dont care, i dont care thats right, i said i dont care, yeah i dont care im gonna get my guitar, packed up and ready to leave, I gonna head out for better things, say goodbye to this small town, once and for all, and what happens from here will be history, history, were gonna make history, do you ever get the feeling like the world has left you behind, well come on join us and taste whats it feels like to be alive and this is what we have decided to do with our lives, you cant control us hold down to a nine to five, we were made for something different, something beautiful


reads like a charm, 7 pages long, your farewell letter could be a song, and everything I knew, about you was totally wrong, and when I read the letter you left,a bout moving to florida next, i wondered why,
what could make somebody leave, and follow such a crazy dream, and leave us all behind, search out a brand scene, and make new friends and enemies, what happens when the old ones start to fade from your mind, and work new jobs and see new things and learn new games defining, who you are and who you want to be, when everything in the world tells your heart not go what happens to you inside, the power that people really have the power to change their lives, and i wonder why the heart is always searching for new life,


When you told me, you were leaving for 3 years for flight school, i said ok i knew were cool, if thats what you wanna do, fly the skies,
it not any kind of suprise, when we growing up you had your eyes a two thousand feet about the clouds, always dreaming, ill visit you in arizona, and we can make up lost time, ill tell you how musics going and you can tell me what it feels like to fly,
through the clouds, high above the ground, in the control room you (second phrase)find yourself, on a fast trajectory back towards new york, find yourself slowly growing older, going home, (new phrase wait 1)
peel back all the artificial layers,
and you will find, an intelligent creative mind,
in a suit made to fly, trust the suit with your life, with your life, with your life,
through the clouds, high above the ground, in the control room you (second phrase)find yourself, on a fast trajectory back towards new york, find yourself slowly growing older,
going home


Release Date:10-31-1982
Earlier this year, Scary River recorded a live exerpts from their upcoming debut full length release Get Control. This album was recorded and mixed by Sonar engineer Matt Kramer (Little Bear).

This album is available through TUNECORE sites including all major digital markets, the go live date is to coincide with our Halloween show at Hexagon in Baltimore, MD.

Set List

Our set is between 40 and 60 minutes. We have two sets, an electronic dance set and a slower spooky set. We do all original music, please visit our myspace for more information, and check out our OTTOBAR show for an example of our LIVE performance!