Scattered Local

Scattered Local


Scattered Local is a four piece, alternative confection of everything from 1970 to 2006. From the raw style of Zeppelin to the modern edge of Coheed and Cambria; the band boasts catchy, sing-a-long hooks with crushing guitars and nod-your-head beats!


Scattered Local is a four piece progressive rock group based out of Johnson City, TN. The band formed in February of 2006 after the break up of successful rock/rap group, E.V.O. During the 15 months that E.V.O was together; the band landed opening gigs for various national acts ranging from Amber Pacific (Hopeless Records) to Long Beach Shortbus (Skunk Records) featuring former members of both Sublime and Long Beach Dub All-stars, as well as recorded a professional five song EP that sold over a few hundred copies in only a matter of months. In November of 2005 current members Jason Holsinger, Patrick Loven and David Ramey were forced to part ways with E.V.O’s fourth member due to irreconcilable interests. After spending nearly two months auditioning vocalists to fill the position of MC/rapper, the guys decided to take some time off to write and clear their heads. In January of 2006 bassist Patrick Loven contacted current singer/guitarist Andy Williams to come play with the guys, within a month they had decided to retire E.V.O and form Scattered Local. With musical influences spanning not only multiple genres, but multiple eras; Scattered Local was able to culminate a sound that has been deemed “a breath of fresh air” to the industry’s current music scene(s). The band, while juggling both full time college loads and full time work weeks, decided to take the time and write all new material. Two months into the writing process the guys decided to record two demos on their own to help promote their new sound. In May of 2006 the band received their first gig when asked to open for national artist Gretchen at Johnson City’s premier venue, Gatsby’s. The gig was a definite success, sparking a novel interest from attending fans and spectators and catching the eye of regional promoter Ansley Roberts. Scattered Local continues to write new material and plans to return to booking both regional and national shows for summer ’06.


Scattered Local is currently recording their first demo EP.

Set List

Scattered Local is capable of playing a standard live set from 45 minutes and 1+ hours. Their set consists of mainly original material, however a very broad range of covers may be made available. Cover material may range from bands such as Thrice and Nirvana all the way to Sublime and even Garth Brooks. Scattered Local is extremely versatile and singer Andy Williams is amazingly multi-faceted.