Wheaton, Illinois, USA

Scattergun's gimmick is the lack of a gimmick. It's guitar driven rock-n-roll in its purest form, but fresh sounding at the same time. Scattergun dips into Americana, Garage Rock, Folk.. and even Classic Rock. No excuses and no b.s.


Since its inception, Scattergun has been a rock band that has simply played what it likes, making for sets that may wander down both familiar side streets and those less explored. It’s debut album, Life at Fantasy Lounge, navigates some of those same avenues, mapping a course based on the landmarks of its influences – whether country tinged or burned by a definitive rock crunch.
Vocalist Jeff Falk and guitarist Michael Paeth bring more than ten years of collaborative writing to the group, several of which were spent with Chicago-based Gold Coast Refuse. The rhythm section of Doug Jensen (bass/vocals), and Dan Donahoe (drums/percussion), are both veteran players on the Chicago music scene.
Falk pens lyrics that, admittedly, are apt to take a dark turn but are not without hook. Paeth builds counter melodies with sliding guitar riffs, while Jensen and Donahoe drive the swirl to its rightful rock destination.
Scattergun’s formula is simply that it doesn’t have one, opting to write, record and perform rock and roll without excuses or explanation. In an industry where every band has a gimmick, Scattergun has none... which makes for a truly unique rock and roll band.


Thirty Pieces

Written By: Scattergun

You lost the fight, before you could be begin
Left and right, move on in
And they throw your name around
Move on back and settle down

Dimestore Judas your kiss wears thin
Your bathed in sorrow, washed in sin

It's what you are
When you come calling
When you come running
Your hands out
Once you've fallen
Once you've broken
It's too late to save your name

At what cost?
Thirty Pieces


2007 - Self titled three song demo. Full Length Debut Album "Life at Fantasy Lounge" to be released on January 29th, 2010. Three new album tracks are available now.

Set List

We are an original band, but we have been known to throw in a cover or eight by artists such as Tom Petty, Wilco, Black Crowes, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash & The Replacements