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Remember back when country rock not only didn't suck, but ruled supreme?
Back before hearts were "achy-breaky", before political correctness made people afraid of dirty jokes, when men were men, jeans were tight, and boots didn't have zippers?

Continuing to map the territory claimed by the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, as well as more traditional pioneers such as Bill Monroe, Scattergun puts the hot burn of a whiskey shot back into country rock.

The music of Scattergun gives a nod to the building blocks of country's namesake and tradition, as well as more modern topics such as low rise jeans, and the need to fight corporate interests to save our small towns, and bi-partisan politics.

Their style definitely lands towards the rock end of country rock, which they have termed "urban country".

Members of Scattergun include Don and Cody, both sharing duties on vocals and guitars. The low end and rhythm is provided by Davio on bass and Doug on drums.

Don was born and raised on a ranch in Oklahoma, which is a license to wear a hat anywhere he damn well pleases. After working as a child and family therapist for a good spell, Don now teaches the guitar and runs a music school.

Don likes Fender guitars, Jack and Cokes, Japanese choppers, and women in hats.

Cody is an environmental scientist by trade who restores salmon habitat. He drives a four-wheel drive that actually has mud on it from driving off-road to work. He has no patience for low-carb beer or guitar effects pedals.

Cody will never drink Jaeger again.

Davio builds kilns and is prone to what we call "interpretive dancing" after he's had a few. After the incident that led him to write the song, "Whiskey Smells like Jail"(aka. The Ballad of Dave Morrison), he is now restricted to beer.

They are still working on his dancing outbursts.

Imported from Florida to round out the band is Scattergun's drummer, Doug.

Doug should be the poster child for Ritalin. His integration of rock and country is best symbolized by what's sitting on his head: a snakeskin cowboy hat.

At times serious, other times tongue in cheek, Scattergun makes no apologies for enjoying themselves. That said, they are also appropriate for any venue and promise to not warp young minds or cause law suits.