Germantown, Maryland, USA

Scatterpoint is a new, young, fun Punk, Punk-Pop band based out of Germantown, Maryland. Comprised of 3 teenage guys, Scatterpoint has been described as incredibly catchy and fun to watch.


An explosive, catchy Punk Rock band based out of Maryland, Scatterpoint plays no-frills-attached power chords rock with infectious hooks and melodies. These long times friends and Freshmen in college, are composed of Brian Harris (Vocals, Bass), Cory Cotter (Vocals, Guitar) and Ryan Siever (Drums). From their heavier “Out of Place” to their Punk-Pop based “Time Out” Scatterpoint composes songs spanning a wide Rock genre but always remaining true to their Punk Rock roots. Although just emerging onto the scene, Scatterpoint plays lively; fun shows based around their fast-paced punk riffs, guaranteed to get at least one of their incredibly catchy songs stuck in your head for days on end.

Influences (include but are not limited to): The Offspring, Blink 182, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Sublime, Metallica


Scatterpoint released Hullabaloo the 13 song debut album February 14, 2011.

Scatterpoint released the 2-track EP, self-titled, Scatterpoint containing the tracks Out Of Place and Time Out in 2009.

Set List

Set length: Typically around 2 hours but can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate venue preferences.

Original Songs:
1) Out Of Place
2) Time Out
3) Break It
4) Suburbia
5) Bad Luck
6) No Faith
7) M.K.K.
8) Waiting
9) Such A Fool
10) Lies
11) Pot Pie
12) So Long
13) Linger
14) Boris
15) Despicable
16) Drift
17) Hollow
18) Fried
19) The Fool
20) Shipwrecked
21) New Road

Cover Songs:
1) Dammit - blink-182
2) Santeria (punk version) - Sublime
3) Longview - Green Day
4) Man Overboard - blink-182
5) Good Riddance - Green Day
6) Jumper - Third Eye Blind
7) Lycanthrope - Plus 44