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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"These cats are pyros"

Revolution:This is the first I’ve ever heard from these heads and all I can hope is that there’s more in the works. I’m not even frontin’, I don’t own a turntable but I’m coppin’ this 12“ for this track alone. You can call these cats pyros cause this sh*t is pure fire.

Gene Yuss - Undergound Hip Hop

"This is some dope ass.."

“This is definitely some dope-ass, funky production on this one and I'm really feeling what dude has to say. He's got an ill flow and he's got much to say, too. I love the way “Back In The Dayt” changes up right in the middle. Hot!”

Rainy Dawg Radio – DJ Ethx – Seattle, WA (University of Washington)
- University of Washington

"Scavone is an example.."

Both sides are dope. This record will get a lot of play in my crates. Scavone's an example of a cat in the game who makes heat and doesn't try to copy the sounds of other stuff around him.

Emskee – Brooklyn, NY (WBAI –Community Radio)
- Emskee (W.B.A.I. Fm)

"Back In the Day's is the cut.."

"Back in the Days" is the cut here. I LOVE IT. I love what he's saying, love the music. This is a great fucking song. THAT is the one we play.

WMSE – Aaron Wade – Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
- Aaron Wade


“Hot hot hot! These two tracks have some ill production. I'm having a hard time deciding which side I like better, but if pressed to choose I supposed I would have to say "Back in the Day" is my favorite.”

KTRU – DL – Houston, TX (Rice University)
- KTRU Rice University

"I'm speechless..."

“All I got to say is, Revolution is real dope!! I'm loving this. Also, side b “back In The Day,” leaves me speechless this whole 12" is dope!"

DJ Episode – KDRB\KBOL\RJFM –Springfield, MO (College/Community Radio)
- DJ Episode


Scavone- The Force- Makin records
Scavone - Willie On The Glock - Makin Records
Scavone - Revolution - Deaf In The Family Records
Scavone - Back In The Day - Deaf In The Family Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Live and direct from New York City, comes a live lyricist with a booming voice who has rocked crowds from Albany to Amsterdam over the course of his career. The son of two public school teachers, Scavone cut his teeth on the streets of New York, where he and his crew would rap to elude the aggressive pull of the streets. Scavone's ability to tell a compelling story while keeping hands in the air has always been his greatest strength and over time this underground legend has built quite a cult following.

Scavone has performed everywhere. Ripping apart clubs in Austin and Houston, TX, St. Louis, MO, Syracuse, NY, Montreal, CA and any city in between where he could grab a mic.

Eventually Scavone decided to spend some time in Amsterdam. Which inspired him to see the big picture and push his craft to the world. Doing spot dates and open mic nights wherever he could get on, Scavone found himself performing in front of 3000 people, headlining with old school Italian legend, Ice One at Rome, Italy’s Soul River. After this show Scavone's ancestors shook and puked in their graves.

His next major event was a show at the Subkult Music Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark with the Beatnuts, Bobbito in front of 2000 people. He sold tapes to make his way and hit off promoters as well. This show lead to his eventual involvement with Slum Village and Craig mack.

Scavone has worked with talents such as DJ Etch-A-Sketch (Mos Def, Blackstar), Mista Sinista (X-Executioners) – both of whom toured and performed with him, Mark Ronson, members of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, and DJ SAE ONE (The Resource). In addition, Scavone has recorded tracks with independent heavyweights, Jean Grae (Baby Grande Records) and Lounge a Lo (Authorized Fam). Scavone’s performance is not to be touched. It embodies the essence of hip-hop where the DJ and the MC are the band.

With his talent, experience and drive - Scavones’ next hope is to destroy the cookie-cutter pop driven industry and turn it back into something meaningful...