Scenics View

Scenics View

 Mexico City, The Federal District, MEX
BandRockClassic Rock

Alternative/Progressive/Grunge rock friom México.


Scenics View is a Progressive Grunge band founded by Scenic Loyal and Carlos Bolivar. For years they explored ideas through different musical landscapes and dimensions. The result is a music for everyone: olds and youngsters, metal-heads, indies, classics, hippies, nerds, punks. The band´s language is rooted in the most primitive components of rock and roll: bluegrass, country, blues, jazz and even classical music. To experience Scenics View is to find again what the old fathers of rock music showed to the world and what young kids are beginning to discover: to have fun, to be free, to work for a better world.
In the year 2011 the band recorded the first album based upon a legendary demo. It was done at Topetitud Estudio, owned by Milo Froideval and the renowned Mexican rock band Molotov.


Scemics View (2012)