Scent drives you to the edge, blows you away, and, when you are unable to go on, leaves you craving more. Scent has put together something amazing: a disturbing ride through pure energy and raw emotion. With influences from Korn to Zepplin, Scent has achieved a mainstream success.


Scent is a collaboration of Atlanta's best heavy mainstream bands. Each Musician has dedicated their lives to developing and perfecting their individual talents into a tight, connected group. Scent's power over an audience is gripping and displays a level of passion and emotion gained only through genuine feeling and confidence. Influences include korn, rage, mudvayne, zepplin, alice & chains, tool, etc...


Room 13 - 2 song ep - 1. Part of Me Dies and 2. So Wrong -- played on 96 Rock and 96.7 The Buzz in Atlanta

Set List

Retro, Letter to God, Justified, Hate, Blue Eyes, So Wrong, Blister, Stinger, Partof Me Dies. Sets range from 40 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.