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"A Question for the Major Labels..."

There are questions I want answered by major label people, why isn't a band like Schaeffer more famous?
Instead they have to produce and release their albums independently, it's a constant fight with promotion and getting radio plays.
The Schaeffer brothers doesn't do anything wrong, these guys are great storytellers and sure knows how to write a pop/rock song that screams out longevity.
The melodies belong in the major league and with the right budget behind them, the production could also be knockout - not that it's bad...ohno, I think the sound on their 2nd album "Something worth fighting for" is quite good.
But it can be better!
Their late 90's modern rock with a Britrock feel should be a huge success but I guess they're 10 years too late.
There's no justice in the world.
Songs like "Iloveyouwithacrash" and the title track should be running on MTV or VH1 every day of the week. -

"Smart, Articulate...Perfection"

Compared to other up-and-coming underground bands, these guys have a surprisingly slick and commercial sound. Schaeffer songs may very well be too polished and sleek for the average underground music fan...but our guess is that this isn't the specific market these guys are targeting anyway. Something spins like an album of hits all tied together into one well-conceived album. After spinning this CD several times, we predict that it's only a matter of time before these guys experience a major wave of success. Their songs are smart and articulate...and executed to perfection. The vocals are always right on target. Infectious hummable tracks include "Promise Me," "Iloveyouwithacrash" (our favorite), "Make Us See," and "Something Worth Fighting For." (Rating: 5) -

"No Ordinary People"

Amidst a city known for its hard rock and rap, Detroit based Schaeffer puts their melodic driven style on display with their debut album “No Ordinary People.” Primarily comprised of three brothers, Bryan, Nolan, and Daniel Rossi, Schaeffer has an infectious sound that is sweeping through the Midwest. From the opening chords of ‘Alive’ to the Unsigned Top Ten hit ‘Stay’, Schaeffer quickly separates themselves from so many of the typical unsigned bands in music today. Also noteworthy is the track ‘Fall Apart’ which shows tight production with layered guitars, and impressive arrangements. Perhaps this bands biggest strength is the honesty in their songwriting. A forgotten art by so many in music today, Schaeffer’s lyrics are always honest and heart felt. Clearly, Schaeffer is a band that is still developing their sound, but there’s no doubt they will very soon be attracting the attention of major labels. - Alternative

"Lofty, genuine and uplifting..."

Family bands and three-pieces pack a powerful musical punch; Detroit-based brother band Schaeffer (a trio, no less) deliver a mighty musical blow with their first release, No Ordinary People, produced by Stephen Leiweke and mixed by Shane D. Wilson (Switchfoot, Owsley).

Lofty, genuine and uplifting, Schaeffer’s sparkling indie rock—in the audible company of Lovedrug, Dashboard Confessional and Anberlin—is the sun-soaked soundtrack of a cross-country road trip. The lyrics, which touch on very human concerns such as abuse, cutting, “virtual” lies and faith, unfold much like a casual car conversation might between close friends across the miles: “All those years spent to myself / I found solace in mediocrity…” (“Alive”). “Hollywood is wrong / I’ve known it all along…” (“Fall Apart”). “I see love as fading, but you say it is waiting somewhere out there…” (“Alright”). “Don’t try to be something you’re not / Or you’ll turn out just like the rest in this lot…” (“Try To Be”). “We are so much more than they say we are…” (“We Are”).

Schaeffer layers pleasing melodies on top of naked sincerity and spiritual stability to create a solid, inspired indie debut.

- The Phantom Tollbooth

"Gutsy and Creative"

The cover of Schaeffer’s sophomore release, Something Worth Fighting For says it from the start – there’s something different about this album. Underneath the title, the byline reads “As Told by Schaeffer.” It’s a gutsy and creative concept album put together by three brothers who, in writing it, may have unwittingly raised the bar for themselves and other young rock bands. Concept albums are nothing new to the world of popular music. In fact, arguably some of the greatest albums of all time have been concept albums: The Who’s “Tommy” and Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” are probably two of the best examples. Even modern day bands like My Chemical Romance have attempted it. But, let’s face it – most music today is made with the idea of producing singles. That’s why it’s so impressive that this young band from Detroit has successfully put together a concept album that is both musically solid and tells an honest-to-goodness story – and leaves the listener with a message. Without detracting too much here from the story, in summary Something Worth Fighting For is the tale of a couple, a car accident, and the damage left in its wake. Lyrically, the writing is smart, strong and incredibly literary (for a sneak peek without hearing a note, just check out the song titles). Melodically, the songs ebb and flow with the emotion of the story, but this is anything but a melancholy album. And the music itself is just as intelligent and intricate, with time signature and tempo shifts that tie themselves to the theme. The songs seem to move from one into the other, yet they sound entirely different from the song before. Even more compelling, each song has strong enough merit to stand on its own; mini-stories amid the big plotline, if you will. Whether you’re left dangling with “iloveyouwithacrash,” singing along to the unbelievably catchy “Tell You, I,” or rocking out to the title track, there are great things around every curve. Conceptualizing and pulling off this type of unity in an album is difficult for even accomplished artists, so it’s hard to deny a young band the kudos for doing it … and doing it well. If you’re in the market for hearing a band on the cusp of big things, pick up this album. Something Worth Fighting For is as good as it is ambitious and will certainly put Schaeffer on the map as a band on the rise. - Alternative


Something Worth Fighting For - August 2007

No Ordinary People - November 2005




Schaeffer is a band primarily composed of three brothers, Bryon, Nolan, and Danny Rossi and based out of Detroit, Michigan. Their critically acclaimed new concept album "Something Worth Fighting For" has now established Schaeffer as one of the most promising up and coming independent acts in America. The record has been opening the eyes and hearts of those who've heard.

*Colleges Played include:
-Michigan State University
-University of Michigan
-Central Michigan University
-Oakland University
-Hope College
-Rochester College
-Schoolcraft College
-Bowling Green University (Ohio)
-Bryan College (Tennessee)

*Winner: We Are Listening (U.K.) "Breaking the Band" - International Band Competition

* Voted 2007 Best Unsigned Band -

*Numerous television placements on MTV, VH1, E!, and other cable networks.

*Added to over 200 College radio stations nationwide in 2008.

**Booking Info**
Jennifer Bair