German rock band with intense lyrics that work worldwide.They look good, put on a convincing show and are capable of making people cry during a concert. German radio plays them already and 2010 will be the release of the 2nd single as well as the album.


Founded in 2004, the band has been around for over 200 concerts which lead them through all the big European festival, opening for bands like Scorpions, but also many German acts such as Silbermond, Ich+Ich and various others.


3 Singles so far.
4th single comes jan-15th 2010. 1st world-wide album release is feb-19-2010.

Set List

Sets vary from 45mins to 2hours. The band has a repertoire of up to 30 songs and is capable of filling whole evenings with their own music. The band plays acoustic or rocks your socks off: always depending what the organizer requires