Four years ago, the SEX PISTOLS and GUNS N ROSES birthed a "punk n roll" hurricane - THE SCHEMERS. A catchy, dirty guitar soloing, monster known for stealing girlfriends and Jack Daniels bottle guitar slides. Loud, unapologetic, and fans that'll take punches for 'em. WE ARE SCHEMERS!


... these words have reverberated throughout the CA/NV/TX scene for the past four years, leaving a wake of broken hearts and stiffed bar tabs. The South OC 4-piece fuels concert-goers with catchy new wave hooks, and dirty, guitar-driven licks, breeding crazy rock n' roll fans, loyal like no other.

With countless surf/skate/snowboard video soundtracks to their credit, one's not suprised to find their music has also been used on Fox Sport Net's "5,4,3,2,1", "PLANET X" TV, or, FUEL Television.
With two wax 7" singles in the works for independent record labels, and KROQ airplay of their song, "BULLUMIC GIRLS," on Hostage Records' praised "Collateral Damage" compilation, rabid fans are starved for more.
Having shared the stage with Punk Icons such as Guttermouth, The Vandals, Agent Orange, D.I. , TSOL, The Briefs, & The Angry Samoans, THE SCHEMERS have earned the respect of underground scenesters.
Not ones to rest on their laurels, the boys' paid a destructive visit to 2005's South by Southwest music festival in Austin, TX and plan a full blown tour - 2006!
Aside from the printing and distribution of the recorded songs, THE SCHEMERS have accomplished EVERYTHING themselves - 100% self promoted motivation! So, lock up your daughters America, THE SCHEMERS are coming to devour your town in a plague of dirty, loud rock n' roll!


COLLATERAL DAMAGE 12" *compilation - BULLUMIC GIRLS (give good head); steady radio play Sunday nites on 106.7fm KROQ Rodney on the ROQ

Set List

Middle Clash Trash
AMy (the exhabitionist)
Sensation Vibration
Bullumic Girls (give good head)
This Drinks On me
Fogcity Meltdown
*Livefast (AFI Cover)
"Right On" (the ballad of Tricia)
Surf song
Same Ole' Shit
Teenage Fuck-up (I was)
*Too Cool for School (encore)

Songs run from 2 to 3 minutes in legnth. We do an AFI cover that we changed to the words and added a solo to. We do our own stuff, mainly. WE ARE NOT A COVER BAND. We are here to help people who dont rock, TO ROCK!