i would say schitzo has more of a heavy pop-punk feel so if you love poppy music but still like to mosh we are hear for you


We Formed in 2005 we got our sound from everything we listen to between our first influences Sum 41, Blink 182, NOFX, Rancid, and Goldfinger to our influences now which consist of streetlight manifesto, The Used, A day to remember, and set your goals. What sets us apart from other bands is our abilty to entertain a crowd. We are not just musicians we love comedy so we want the crowd to laugh as much as they cheer. We get the crowd involved with the show by doing things like doing the wave or dancing. Now musical what seperates us from other bands is that we dont try and stick to one genre we want a bunch of sounds that everyone can enjoy. Now for us all we want to do is beable to live one day at a time playing the music we love if we can do that then we would all be happy


We just finished a 10 track cd with most of our songs we have wrote its a nice cd we recorded at I wish Records a local recording company

the record is called ( Long Awaited For )

Set List

typlical set is

United we Fall divided we Stand
Nobody ever listens
Fads Fade Fast
baby one more time ( cover )
there making us pay
Its not me its you
shout ( cover )
stop Bitchin