"I am on a mission from God" (Blues Brothers)


Schizowave is a Chicago-based band, formed by Lena Potapova, a sexy Russian pianist with a sweet speaking voice, a low and scary singing voice, and a bio taken out of Hollywood spy movies.

When on stage, they call to one's guts and one's true love, awakening one's pre-corporate self. Lena sings about her feeling and fears, leaving one bare-hearted and shaken.

Their musical thinking comes from Nina Simone, Nick Cave, Kurt Weill and Tom Waits.

Along with original material, they present their inside-out, tongue-in-cheek versions of tunes by Dead Kennedys, Iggy Pop, Madonna and others.

Other band members include Alan Lake (drums and percussion), John Griffin (guitars) and Scott Parrish (bass).

Alan Lake is a seasoned player who over the years has had the opportunity to play with many artists from many different fields. Among the more recognizable are: Madonna, Brian Ferry, Julian Lennon, Ministry, Brian Wilson and Sam Moore from Sam and Dave I'm a "Soulman" fame.

John Griffin and Scott Parrish are recent additions to the band, they are both seasoned and very well respected musicians.

Recently, the band started working with Ian McDonald, the founding member of King Crimson and Foreigner.


I Miss You

Written By: Lena Potapova

Copyright Lena Potapova 2005 All Rights Reserved

I miss you,
And I don’t know how to cure the pain.
I miss you.
But I guess, love just is not my domain.
I will grow old,
And I’ll still be alone.
But I don’t want just somebody to hold.

And I miss you.
You explained to me it’s all in my mind, I know,
But I miss you,
Though distractions are so easy to find.
You so hurt me,
And you said it’s my fault.
But I don’t want just somebody for…

In a dark, dark room
With a television set…
Pizza delivery…
Don’t forget the coasters…
Yes, honey, certainly…
Life span is negative!

So I miss you…but I know that it will pass like a dream.


Schizowave (EP, 2005)

Schizowave Love (2006)