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" (UK)"

Schizowave: If you can imagine Kurt Weill writing and producing for a young Portishead whose vocalist was Diamanda Galas’ drunken, scary little half-sister… well, you’re a mess, frankly, and should probably call an ambulance. But listen to this while you’re waiting.
- (UK)

" (Sweden)"

Lena Potapova has one of those voices that immediately stands out. A sort of jazz-version of Diamanda Galas feral howl or a cabaret-version of PJ Harvey. "I Miss You" on this debut ep is a strong cabaret from hell concoction. It appears in an acoustic version at the end too.

"Spiders" could be a standard in the Bizarro world. This brave little EP hints at endless possibilities for this group to twist adoring audiences' minds all over the place.

Copyright © 2005 Anna Maria Stjärnell -

"Funprox (Netherlands)"

Schizowave plays diverse music ranging from jazz to triphop. The act is related to the musical scene surrounding the Schizoclub Gallery in Chicago, just like Kaif which I reviewed earlier. All music and lyrics are composed by Lena Potapova (originally from Moscow, Russia), who also takes care of keyboard and vocals. She is supported by four musicians on guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, including guitarist Josef Levitis (Kaif). This cd contains four rather short songs. 'Living her dream' is jazzy and melancholic, the type of music you associate with smokey forgotten bars, sung by Lena in her rather low, raw voice, in the line of Nina Simone. 'I miss you' is heavier and more dynamic, with pop/rock and avantgarde elements. 'Spiders' is a slower, intimate song, quite nice. The final piece is an acoustic version of 'I miss you'. A varied piece of work for people with broad taste. - Funprox

"Collected Sounds (US)"

Schizowave can surprise any audience with the wide range of their musical abilities. They play anything from a moody blend of trip hop and jazz to mainstream rock to heavy metal, and yet their sound has so much individuality that it can not be confused with anybody else. - Collected Sounds

"Rick's Cafe (US)"

This electronic cabaret melds performance art with utterly engaging and eclectic vibrations. The Chicago based band will be coming through town for an all-ages event in between gigs in Atlanta and Moscow. They create a haunting and dynamic show, filled with creative imagery and aural intensity that defies the norm and creates something so engaging and bizarre that it must be seen to be misunderstood. - Rick's Cafe

"Kylepfister (US)"

"...Schizowave is a dark mix of brooding jazz and intense emotion. Drawing from experiences in Russia and America, as well Bjork as a main musical influence, the band can't help but turn heads. " - Kylepfister

"Chicago Reader (US)"

Very dark, but sweet-smelling...Lena's stark, growling drawl is positively castrating, especially on the wicked version of Dead Kennedy's "Two Drunk To Fuck"

- Chicago Reader

"The Onion (US)"

...Schizowave melts electronica with early 20th century jazz...if she were a spy, the outspoken and outrageous Potapova probaly would've blown her cover long ago. - The Onion


CHICAGO, IL. ( - Ian McDonald, the former founding member of both King Crimson and Foreigner, will play with Chicagoland band Schizowave in the Windy City.

They are going to play a mix of tunes written by Ian in the course of his amazing life that made history of the twentieth century music, and by Schizowave - all played by Ian McDonald, Lena Potapova, Alan Lake and others.

Chicago shows of Ian McDonald - Schizowave are scheduled for the end of July of 2006.
More info available at

( -


Schizowave (EP, 2005)

Schizowave Love (2006)



Schizowave is a Chicago-based band, formed by Lena Potapova, a sexy Russian pianist with a sweet speaking voice, a low and scary singing voice, and a bio taken out of Hollywood spy movies.

When on stage, they call to one's guts and one's true love, awakening one's pre-corporate self. Lena sings about her feeling and fears, leaving one bare-hearted and shaken.

Their musical thinking comes from Nina Simone, Nick Cave, Kurt Weill and Tom Waits.

Along with original material, they present their inside-out, tongue-in-cheek versions of tunes by Dead Kennedys, Iggy Pop, Madonna and others.

Other band members include Alan Lake (drums and percussion), John Griffin (guitars) and Scott Parrish (bass).

Alan Lake is a seasoned player who over the years has had the opportunity to play with many artists from many different fields. Among the more recognizable are: Madonna, Brian Ferry, Julian Lennon, Ministry, Brian Wilson and Sam Moore from Sam and Dave I'm a "Soulman" fame.

John Griffin and Scott Parrish are recent additions to the band, they are both seasoned and very well respected musicians.

Recently, the band started working with Ian McDonald, the founding member of King Crimson and Foreigner.