We're a groove rock/jam band. We've got the four minute well crafted rock song and the 10 minute instrumental. Think Widespread meets STS9. Our improv sound is centered around finding nice textures and rhythms as opposed to big solos although they can happen from time to time!


This is a recent article from Colorado Music Buzz magazine which we felt did a nice job of capturing the band history, influences, philosphy etc...

Schmocter is a year old Denver band that would love for you to be their newest fan. Keyboardist Tom Fitzpatrick and guitarist JD Sawyer have known each other for ten years and played together in the well known but now defunct Manatee Junction. Drummer Dan Luehring and guitarist Dan Van Hemert came on board in 2000 and 2002 respectively. After auditioning dozens of bassists, one came along that was the perfect fit: Fleeb of Electric Side Dish and Stanky Pockets fame. The band views their fans as part of their family and it is certainly a great vibe to attend a Schmocter show. Many of their songs are lyrical and flowing, with topics based in reality - then skewed by musical prerogative. Fans of Electronica, Funk, Rock and Jam will find a place within Schmocter's music. Their influences are eclectic and include such bands as Tortoise, The Beatles, Beck, Led Zeppelin, John Scofield, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead. Schmocter's music can range from a 3 to 5 minute straight ahead rock tune to a 25 minute extended instrumental jam. The main focus of their music is the rhythm and the groove - and the conscious attitude to make the music meaningful. The general stance of the band is: just because you can play every note doesn't mean you have to play every note. The guys are concerned with the important use of space between the notes. When I dropped by Sawyer's home to observe a rehearsal, I arrived to witness a well-oiled machine smoothly humming along. The rehearsal space was equipped with digital sound recording equipment and two music loving dogs that had situated themselves in front of the bass amp. Schmocter records every rehearsal and they’ve gleaned some sonic gems from these sessions. The band has released Fitz Picks I, which is the first in a series that contains jams, outtakes and other musical nuggets obtained during rehearsals and is available for sale at every show. The guys are currently in the studio and plan to release a full length album this fall. The band is focusing on their live performance and have long term plans for working their way into the festival circuit. Check out Schmocter to experience a group of talented musicians that love music and genuinely enjoy playing together.


Manatee was our first band started in 1997. Released the album, Dex, in 2000.
Gary Players 2000 to 2002. Released Albatross 1, 2 and Flow Forget.
Schmocter 2005 to present. Released Fitz Picks 1, a compilation of jams and musical outtakes from our studio. We are currently working on our first full album of songs.

We have tracks on

Our music has been featured on 99.5 the Mountain Home grown hour and other local radio stations from time to time.

Set List

We typically play a full show from 10:00pm to 1:30am as two long sets. Our total song list is below sorted by originals and covers. We usually lean towards more originals and our originals are actually getting a lot of great feedback.

Fatal Bert
FJ 72
Colossal Heads
Hear the Sound
Beck, Jeff
Strange Phases
I Am Here
Dirty Mess
The Sack
Elias Reprise
Paper Tiger
Hot Potato
Living on the Stone

5B4 Funk – Steve Kimock
Fearless – Pink Floyd
Stand Back – Allman’s
In 3s – Beastie Boys
Moby Dick – Led Zep
40,000 Headmen - Traffic
Don’t let me down - Beatles
4+20 – Stills
Wharf Rat - Dead
Mockingbird – Ryan Adams
2HB – Roxy music
Any Day Now - Elbow
Time – Pink Floyd
Hey Bulldog - Beatles
New Speedway Boogie - Dead
Character 0 - Phish
Dig a Pony - Beatles