Schné is singular, holographed music, sensual, drinkable as well, as it is danceable and sensitive.
We call it Philosophic Northpolepop, a kind of Pop which combines the depths with the heights, the birds with the jellyfishes, the chain saw with the dewdrop. Listen.


Her name means „ snow“ in german language.
And that is how her music sounds, soft like fresh snow in december and at the same time wild like a snowstorm in april.

Being at home in the north of Germany, Schné is constantly occupied with writing songs or playing theatre, as she is a skilled actress, too. Her one big love to music began very early – when she was 13 years old, she took her aunts guitar with the words „ People say Kurt Cobain was a bad guitarist – so I can do it, too!“ and wrote her first song. Later on, she started playing with bands as a bassist, then guitarist, background vocalist until the band found out, she was a songwriter herself ,- and-, a good one. But like diamonds don´t scream to be found, she kept it all inside until then. She got discovered as a very special, extraordinary songwriter,singer and human being.
According to circumstances her voice and songs are strong and sensitive at once, seducing, playing, but always one thing: honest.
The press once said she appears „ smart as Tori Amos, beautiful like Snowwhite and
unusual like Björk – but never easy to grasp, just like a wild butterfly of music.“
Her band plays her compositions as if they took the words and music into dizzy, wonderful spheres, always surprising and nevertheless floating and inviting to dance,
to cry, to laugh, to wonder, to feel with Schné.


Albumrelease “Bastelkleid” intended in 2012