New York City, New York, USA

Schocholautte is a DIY power pop/punk group led by singer/songwriter Michael P. Sincavage. The project is focused on making upbeat, home recorded, honest, and emotionally intense music with an emphasis on thought provoking art direction.


The brainchild of singer/songwriter Michael P. Sincavage, Schocholautte (pronounced chocolat) is a project that began in Orlando, FL in 2000 as a counter reaction to the thriving pop music scene. Tired of being inundated with Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, Sincavage set out to create upbeat music that was home recorded, honest, and emotionally intense with an emphasis on interesting art direction.

Heavily influenced by the raw sounds of Neutral Milk Hotel, early punk rock (Dead Kennedys, Misfits, X, The Germs, Black Flag) and his childhood spent at Disney World, Sincavage secretly compiled hundreds of cassette demos and CD-Rs in his art school dorm room. After graduation, he moved to New York City to turn his idea into a functioning band.

In 2006, while squatting in a loft space in Brooklyn, Sincavage recorded and self released The High Cost of Loving on CD-Rs with hand drawn covers. The record caught the attention of his cousin, Michael Vincent Patrick who was busy forming his own group Designer Drugs. The two collaborated on the 2007 SCHOCHOLAUTTE EP. Later that year, Kris Randazzo and Artie Tan answered ads on craigslist that linked to the EP. The two joined Sincavage to make a proper band.

The band spent their first year playing as many shows in New York as possible to become a tight live group. Playing basements, rooftops, apartments, loft spaces, and gritty DIY venues, the band developed a sound all their own. At the end of 2008, the group released a live bootleg called Trash Bar Trash from many performances throughout the year recorded at the Brooklyn dive Trash Bar to fund their first studio project.

Spending a week in a studio with The Holdsteady producer Dean Baltulonis, the group recorded Oodles of Charm and self-released the record in 2009.

In 2010, the band set out on a tour from New York to Texas to unofficially play the streets of SXSW with a power generator hooked up to the engine of their touring van. The band scored some thumbs up from a very enthused Fucked Up as they were wandering the festival.

Schocholautte is currently recording their first full length as a band for a 2011 self release entitled Orange Blossom Trail. Currently being recorded in Sincavage's bedroom, Randazzo's living room, and the bands rehearsal space in Brooklyn, the record will mark the return of Sincavage producing the material, and a much more explosive recorded documentation of the band.


Mercedes Benz

Written By: Michael P. Sincavage

Call all your broken friends
We got a new event
To celebrate that you're alone again
It's sad
How such a simple mind can make such a mess
You build a man so you can leave him depressed
You got a car crash
You're such a success!

You are so great
You've got Oodles of Charm
Yeah, but even you can't replace the blood you've lost

I bet
Your daddy left you for his new boyfriend
Because your mother was too much of a man
And you swore your love would never be spent
So you spread
Your love on fashion model sympathy friends
And cry your eyes out in a Mercedes Benz
That you bought with the checks daddy sends

You are so great
you've got Oodles of Charm
Yeah, but even you can't replace
The Blood you've lost, no
You cast the blame into lover's arms
Yeah, so you pass the blame and pass the cost

You won't remember, baby
You won't remember how it used to be
How you felt just before you fell down
you and me
I could pretend we agree
You are alone.


Orange Blossom Trail (tbr 2011)

Live on WFMU (2009)
Produced by Beastin' the Airwaves with Keili

Oodles of Charm (2009)
Produced by Dean Baltulonis (The Holdsteady)

Trash Bar Trash (2008)
recorded live at Trash Bar throughout 2008

Produced by Michael Vincent Patrick (Designer Drugs)

The High Cost of Loving (2006)

Set List

Our typical set list is about 45 minutes in the standard New York venues, however we have been known to play 2 hour shows in basements, lofts, and house parties. We rarely play covers.
Our regular set consists of a rotation of these songs:
1-Mercedes Benz
2-Panther Tattoo
3-Memorial Day
4-Spin the Bottle
5-God Will Forget You
6-Orlando 1999
7-Everybody Wants You
8-Get Down, We're All Gonna Die
9-Spilled Milk
11-Go On, Go On
13-Haley, Please
15-Swimming Out
16-Water on the Coast
17-All the Cool Kids
18-X's and Eye's
19-I Will Be Your Muffin
20-Water on the Coast
22-Orange County
23-Oh, My Dear