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-Maleta - Global Underground (Schoenbrunn)

-Robbery EP - Restart Records (Gore & Schoenbrunn)

-Force / Mashtronic - Mashtronic Records ( Schoenbrunn & Pfennig mix )

-Sidewalk "Brisker & Magitman"- Restart Records ( Schoenbrunn mix )

-Magic Man - (Schoenbrunn)

-LeRon & Yves Eaux - `Electrifying`Restart-Records(Schoenbrunn mix)

-NICK MUIR "I FEEL REAL" (Schoenbrunn & Pfennig mix) climbed up to #1 at BALANCE PROMO POOL CHARTS! (view more)


-Absolut & Blade - Crash (Schoenbrunn & Pfennig remix - KumQuat Tunes)

-Jenny Dalton - `Cadence`(Schoenbrunn & Gore remix)

-Schoenbrunn & Pfennig `PRO`(Fiberlineaudio Las Vegas)
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Schoenbrunn & Pfennig is one of the most ambition new names of the German Progressive Scene.

The guys have known each other for a long time and are both originally from the DJ scene.

Marcel Schoenbrunn started his music career back in 1993 as a DJ and travelled to his gigs through Germany, Spain and Croatia. At the same time he was also producing parallelly until he decided to quit being a DJ in order to concentrate more on the creative aspect of producing.

His first big release was in 2004. The track was called Maleta and signed by Global Underground. Subsequently there were several successful EPs and Remixes and worldwide interest in Schoenbrunn-Music was roused.

Martin a music aficionado since the early nineties, ventured into dj-ing in 2001. Together with his friend and DJ-partner Mark Cyris he founded the project “Two Men on A Trip” and together they already rocked the first parties in the Ruhr-Area the same year. In a country that is currently flooded with minimal-sounds, the two got a lot attention for their progressive power-sets. As part of “Two Men On A Trip” Martin already shared the booth with international djs such as 16bit Lolitas, Pole Folder, Mashtronic or Arthur Gore.

When Marcel and Martin started producing music, it first seemed just to be fun or an experiment. But very quickly it became obvious, that they together make a very strong and productive team. So it comes as no surprise that in addition to fun success was also quickly added to the equation. Their different music styles (Marcel progressive / technoid, Martin progressive- house) melt together into a unique Sound, which famous labels such as Global Underground, Mashtronic Records, Kumquat-Tunes or Restart Records secure. You can find their releases in the charts of the world’s top djs

Therefore the first requests from booker came in. But immediately the both agreed that if and when they perform, it would have to be live. So they locked themselves up in the studio for 6 weeks and presented an amazing live-set at the Union Jack Club in Düsseldorf January 2007. The live-act Schoenbrunn & Pfennig was born and completed their package.