Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

An American folk/pop trio hailing from Minneapolis, their Paul Simon-esque melodies & lyrics compliment tales of waitresses, REM cycles, and oil spills in three-part harmony.


In the fall of 2011, Billy Schoenburg was sitting on a collection of songs that he had written over his first two years of college. With his best friends Graham Wakeman and Dane Hoppe, both audio engineers and respectively accomplished guitar and percussion players, the three took to the studio and over the course of a year completed both an EP and full length album under the moniker SCHOENBURG.

Their EP, titled Short, But Sweet, was released on March 2nd, 2012 to critical acclaim from the Twin Cities publication Citypages. A collection of short and simple songs, Short, But Sweet was recorded during late nights and after the sessions for their full length album, Hydrophobia and Identity Insecurities, which was released on September 3rd, 2012. While recorded at the same time, the two projects have distinctively different sounds, with Short, But Sweet accomplishing a made-at-home vibe that shows off both Schoenburg’s songwriting and voice, and with Hydrophobia and Identity Insecurities showcasing their abilities as a trio in production, performance, and arrangement.

With the creation of their label in 2012, OuiOui Artist Group, the members of SCHOENBURG have swiftly combined their personal and professional lives into a mess of work and love that is headquartered in their studio and workshop spaces allocated in Schoenburg and Wakeman’s basement. Taking on a DIY attitude during the processes of their first two projects, the three take pride in doing everything in house. On any given night you will surely find members in the basement recording new tracks, mixing and mastering old ones, screenprinting, cutting and stamping download cards, or drinking beer while watching Youtube.


Short, But Sweet (March 2, 2012)
Hydrophobia & Identity Insecurities (September 3, 2012)