SCHOOL is a three-piece new wave band that writes super hits and dominates the stage with an intense live show.


SCHOOL is going to ruin music forever. Sure, the members of Hoobastank and Three Doors Down are probably nice people, but do they rock? No. Not like SCHOOL does. Some say that SCHOOL's music takes them back to a time when bands like the Cars and the Pixies were at the top of the charts. Some even say that SCHOOL is reminiscent of such vibrant groups as the Stooges and the Buzzcocks, who demolished the sound and left no survivors. But SCHOOL doesn't believe in the past. SCHOOL is the future. How will SCHOOL ruin music forever? Once you see SCHOOL in action you will be forever changed. It will open your eyes to a new reality you never knew existed, perhaps that you didn't want to know existed. Nothing will ever be the same. No words will ever touch you like the ones that Matthew Teardrop sings. No melodies will ever haunt you like the ones that pour out of J. Hollywood's magic guitar. No beats will ever shake you like the ones orchestrated by Hannah Burris-Cookie. So you take to the streets at dawn. The dirty boulevards. The abandoned avenues. A broken man, searching for something to fill the void once occupied by a simple band called SCHOOL. Everything is different. Food doesn't taste the same. Your friends don't recognize you. Your family abandons you. You can't find your reflection in the mirror. You feel nothing. You are alone. And noone understands. This is SCHOOL.


School: self-titled self-released ep. 2005.

Set List

Our set goes 30-45 minutes and includes such chart-toppers as:
*Red Lights and Blue Eyes
*I Don't Care About Politics
*Under the Radar
*Man and Woman
*X-Ray Man
*The Sad Clown
We occasionally will do a cover just for fun. Some we have done in the past include:
*Enola Gay-Orchestral Maneuveres in the Dark
*Wanderin'-Neil Young
*Everyday is Like Sunday-Morrissey
*New Wave Lullaby-Weezer