school bus yellow

school bus yellow


school bus yellow is a four piece original psychedelic rock jam band. That brings a party style atomsphere to the stage. That connects the band and their audience from start to finish of their shows. Powerful jams, strong grooves and great songwriting. Makes music for all to enjoy.


School Bus Yellow is a four piece original psychedelic rock jam band. Originating from upstate New York. Since the band was created on New Year's Eve 2004. The band and crew, have been touring all over the Northeast since their creation. Spreading the music and the name of school bus yellow to as many listeners as possible. Playing every show and venue they could to get their name known in the region. Establishing a new fanbase in each city or town they roll into, that along with their consistently growing fanbase in the Northeast. Has made this band known by regional promoters and venues as one of the heaviest touring and hardest working bands in the region.

Regional exposure has gotten school bus yellow noticed by Relix magazine and since that time. Relix magazine has helped in gaining the band national exposure. In the magazines On The Rise section and a promo in the 2005 Jammy's program. School bus yellow has played at 40+ venues in 6 States across the Northeast with that number growing frequently. This much exposure has helped the band in gaining themselves a regional fanbase. Such venues include Burlington Vermont's Higherground. Where the band has had the opportunity to play twice. Opening for Max Creek on 1/21/05 and Donna The Buffalo on 4/8/05 infront of a crowd of 600+. School bus yellow has played at Northern Lights in Clifton, NY with The Wailers (3 times),Third World, Max Creek and Donna The Buffalo. The band has also played at Revolution Hall Troy, NY with Addison Groove Project, Strangefolk, RAQ and many others.

School Bus Yellow has played 130+ shows at various venues across the Northeast. Which has helped the band developed a great relationship with many venues. Here are a few others not previously mentioned Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA, The Lion's Den NYC, NY, Castaways Ithica, NY and Nectar's Burlington,VT. Festivals the band played in 05' include Nugroove Music Festival, Stonehenge Music Festival and Camp Creek to name a few.

School bus yellow's influences include The Grateful Dead, Phish, Pink Floyd and moe. among many other artists. The thing that sets school bus yellow apart is the ability to take all their influences and cleverly blend them together into a sound that appeals to many diverse listeners. The band strongly believes that every show should be an experience for the fan and band to come together to enjoy what is the live music experience.

The band finished up their 05' summer run opening for Umphrey's McGee at the Saranac Fall Fest on 9/10. School Bus Yellow shared the stage with Umphrey's McGee, Soulive, Max Creek, Perpetual Groove, The Breakfast, Brothers Past, RAQ and many other great bands this past festival season. The band has opened for such International acts as The Wailers (3 times) and Third World. Along with numerous national acts such as Donna The Buffalo (2 times), Max Creek (2 times), Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors, Strangefolk, Addison Groove Project, Raq, John Browns Body, Jennifer Hartswick Band, Seth Yacavone Band and many others..


School Bus Yellow, believes that live music is about enjoying yourself. The band gives away live shows on CD at every show they play. School Bus Yellow is a taper freindly band and encourages taping of live shows, with album to be released in the future. Streaming audio can be found at the band website

Set List

The typical set list consists of 5 to 9 songs
ranging from 1 1/2 to 2+ hours in length.
School Bus Yellow has over 30 original songs ranging from 8-20 minutes in length depending on song and improve time. The band likes sticking to their originals but fans love hearing the right cover song played at just the right time. School bus yellow has many Phish and Grateful Dead songs in the repertiore. Along with a list of others and some hidden secrets.