School of Athens

School of Athens


School of Athens, voted 2006's "Best Indie Rock Band" by the readers of the Pittsburgh City Paper, deliver a high-energy performance with their contagious, one-of-a-kind sound and gripping live presence.


Since 2003 School of Athens have been playing their own brand of hard-charging, infectious, piano-driven rock for their rapidly growing young fan base in Pittsburgh. The sound has been compared to very popular groups ranging in intensity from Ben Folds to Coldplay, all the way to System of a Down, to Bowie, to an indie-rock version of Queen.

They have been steadily winning people over by performing all their own original material, noteworthy considering Pittsburgh’s penchant for shouted “Free Bird� requests and drunken audience apathy/psychopathy. What is even more noteworthy is the fact they were voted “Best Indie Rock Band� in the Pittsburgh City Paper’s “Best Of 2006� issue, (Dec 14, 2006), and have a host of critical acclaim to back the title up.

They have accomplished all the goals a totally D.I.Y. band on a shoestring budget with 9-to-5’s could realistically hope for, and then some: Played many out-of-state shows (on their own buck), including weekend slots at The Good Hurt in Los Angeles and Arlene’s Grocery and Piano’s in New York’s Lower East Side; recorded, pressed and released two EP’s (also on their own buck); managed to continue to write an average of two songs a month while performing three to five times a month.

They also maintain their own band website (, Myspace page (, host assorted blogs and promotional websites, pay their room rent on time (mostly), and mercilessly beat up their own vehicles loading and unloading their own gear.

These boys work hard. Check out some press:

“…quite a bit like an indie-rock Queen -- and who wouldn't do that if they could?�

“ “Aftermath,� the disc's most Ben Foldsy piano number, packs loads of genuine melodic pleasure, punctuated by good-vibrations guitar and sun-drenched '70s vocal harmonies.�

~Aaron Jentzen, Pittsburgh City Paper

“School of Athens has earned their place as one of the new “must see� bands in The Northeast. Their diverse and eclectic sound leaves many who see and hear School of Athens astonished by their original sonic identity.�

“Where does one go to see a band so forward-thinking, so ambitious, so avant?�

“What it all amounts to is an ambitious attempt to blend the band's … indie-rock tendencies with various radio-pop influences like System of a Down or Coldplay. And the resulting hybrid puts School of Athens at an interesting point on Pittsburgh's musical landscape.�

~Erik Price, Pittsburgh City Paper

“They are one of those rare groups that you watch and can see elements of all their myriad influences – from glam rock to death metal to musical theater - but have somehow managed to achieve something truly unique and totally rocking, but really beautiful at the same time. Pittsburgh should enjoy them while they can, because they're not going to stay the well-kept secret they are much longer.�

~Autumn Ayers,

“They dress like a bunch of school boys, but inside they're as dangerous
as a gang of hell's angels.�

“Since forming in 2002 they have performed all over the country and have come close to perfecting a sound at once reminiscent not just of rock classics David Bowie and Queen, but contemporary favorites Coldplay and Radiohead.

“Everyone agrees there’s no shortage of homegrown talent waiting to be discovered, either by more Pittsburghers or by a national audience. Rinaldo is quick to mention the Boogie Hustlers, Ennui, School of Athens, Like Summer and the Poogie Bell Band…�

~Eric Seiverling, quoting John Rinaldo of Joker Productions, in The Front Magazine

“these guys are awesome�

“…really dynamic. It was a very good inter-mixing of genres."

~students quoted in the Slippery Rock University Online Rocket


2003 - Apple EP
2006 - The Manuscript
Tracks are available for listening at

Set List

Our sets usually consist of 40-50 minutes, playing all original music.

Here is a sample of a set list...

Simple Rules
Kids with Guns
Blues in D Minus
Let It Happen