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power performance poetry delivered by a wall of sound. Jimi Hendricks sits in with Sun Ra at John Lee Hooker's place. in fact, it is THE Sun Ra Tribute project without any cover tunes. why? because the prize is the lyrics and poems penned, over decades, by Sun Ra himself.


schwartzegeist is sadiq bey in collaboration with musicians on both sides of the atlantic. currently residing and working in Berlin, sadiq has devoted much energy and time to the Sun Ra Tribute project, which pays homage to the poetry of Sun Ra performed with original compositions that are both electric and acoustic. it all began in Detroit in the mid 80's with a live performance on WDET-FM radio.

because sadiq is devoted to the pursuit of delivering the poem in new and exciting ways and the preservation of the poetic station, he has combined his over thirty years as a percussionist, in every imaginable situation, with the exquisite attributes of the spoken word and song. the end result is a fascinating live experience that takes the listener to delightful and mysterious places they hadn't imagined.
Eartha Kitt, Dance Theatre of Harlem and the 5th Dimension are just a few household names found in his musical history.


schwartzegeist is currently finishing studio additions to the live recordings with CD available mid-summer 2007.

sadiq's work as lead vocal can be found on Tuskeegee Experiments (Electra/Nonsuch); Music For Six Musicians (Electra/Nonsuch); Nu Blaxploitation (Blue Note) all with Don Byron.

Sidewalks of New York (Winter & Winter); Bach:The Goldberg Variations (Winter & Winter); Mahler: Dark Flame (Winter & Winter) and soon to be released The Othello Syndrome (Winter & Winter) all with Uri Caine.

Kastanien Ball-the Fall of Lucrecia Borgia (Winter & Winter) with Stefan Winter.

Costume (Intoxicate) with Brandon Ross.

his latest release is with the Italian group Dinamitri; the CD Congo Evidence (Caligula).

As percussionist: on Twlight (Verve) with Geri Allen.

Hanging In the Balance (Muse) with Rod Williams.

Set List

Unless requested otherwise, schwartzegeist performs 1 set for larger venues and 2 sets for club venues. schwartzegeist does not do covers. typical set list includes...

1)Follow the Molecule
2)Intergalctic X Change
3)Fata Morgana
4)Fire in Zeroland
5)Goin Ta Pluto
6)Cosmic Equation
7)Osiris in the Fields
8)Citing the Space Factor
9) Hymnal
10)New Akhnaten