Science and Tears

Science and Tears

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Music is the stuff that dreams are made of.....


Composer/guitarist in L.A. who writes a variety of styles but strays mostly in the electro/orchestral/ acoustic area. The project science and tears started in 2007 and continues to progressively develop more and more interest in the music industry.


Voice Of a Ghost

Written By: Fessenden/stroup


Time Forgets

Written By: Fessenden/Stroup

Instrumental Song


Jon Fessenden(letting Go) (2005)
Marina's Daughter(2007)
Pointe Claire(I asked for you first)(2008)
Science and Tears available Nov 2008 as digital only

Tracks from all the various projects appeared on streaming radio and various indie radio stations and some major radio stations. He also appeared as a guitarist on various L.A.indie recordings.

Set List

Songs off the Science and Tears Album and various other original material depending on how long of a set time.