Science Club

Science Club


Science Club is a power trio who like to experiment with different genres and sounds. Science Club's music has been described as being energetic, raw, experimental Rock.


Born out of birth and renewal in the spring of 2008, after a decade in the lab after a decade in the lab the musical scientists Josiah Spencer, Jonathan Robinson, and Justin Spencer found the right formula for success and formed Science Club. Since the age of 13 the band has plated together and separately in several different bands. Josiah plats lead guitar and vocals, Jonathan plays drums and also does vocals, and Justin plays the bass. The band has heavy 90's undertones and hails Pavement, My Morning Jacket, and Foo Fighters. Science Club resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where they cook tasty Jamburgers topped with energy.


And Then There Were 3 E.P.

Set List

Science Club has 8-10 songs per set. Typical set length is 45 minutes.