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Science Fiction Theater


"What would happen if Jim Adkins, Ryan Adams, Ken Andrews and Matthew Sweet got trapped in an elevator together, for 12 hours, with nothing but water, a guitar and (obviously) a lot of time on their hands? This would happen." - Waleed Rashidi / IE WEEKLY


It doesn’t really come as much of a surprise to us that Science Fiction Theater is probably the best rock band we’ve ever heard come out of Rancho Cucamonga. And it’s not at all astonishing that their mature, melodic rock tracks have been aired on the nation’s most influential rock radio station, L.A.’s KROQ. In fact, when we learned that SFT is actually lead vocalist/guitarist/drummer Mike Jimenez’s latest band—he most notably hails from nationally-recognized pop-punksters Rufio—our expectations were already high.

That’s because Rufio is probably the other best rock band we’ve ever heard come out of Rancho. Though they’re often lumped into the Bleed Hope Kill Sky Fall Dream-type of bands (use any three of those words interchangeably and you’ve got a new screamo band performing at an all-ages venue), the act’s always been several rungs higher up the ladder than their contemporaries. And so, it was fitting that the bar was already lofty when Jimenez, along with brother Matt and bassist Artie Marchain, opted to exit Rufio and permanently open the doors of the Science Fiction Theater a few years ago.

The act played its first show in February 2006 and embarked on a regional tour up and down the western U.S. with Hopefield last year, though they’ve spent most of this year off the road, working on a forthcoming full-length that’s yet untitled. (“The name of our upcoming album is most likely going to be called either Coma Dream or Mono in Stereo,” he divulges. “Which do you find more interesting?”)

“Our vision for [Science Fiction Theater] is to make music that doesn't compromise,” says Jimenez. “We enjoy making honest music that doesn't add things like screamers, dance beats, vocoders, etcetera, just for the sake of fitting into the scene—no offense. We hope that our albums will not age in five, ten, or even 20 years from now.”

And with the type of terrific, timeless tunes we’ve heard thus far, we’re apt to wager a few chips that such won’t be the case.

–Waleed Rashidi

NEWS UPDATE: NOV. 10, 2008 - Science Fiction Theater is currently in the studio with producer Shawn Sullivan (The Mars Volta, Reel Big Fish, Buchanan) putting the finishing touches on the currently untitled full-length. Hear an un-mastered version of one of the album tracks titled "Gasoline" in the music player.



Written By: Mike Jimenez

you can't be late
you can't be late all your life
this calls for courtesy
but then I don't agree
you cannot say
you cannot say it's alright
is all you want to be
what's on the silver screen

eyes sting like gasoline
every time we meet
stop running through cop cars

you won't believe
you won't believe all you read
but are the pictures good
says more than our words could

eyes sting like gasoline
every time we meet
stop running through cop cars
I was tearing out a seam
every time we'd meet
stop running through cop cars

you ran upstairs
running like you'd found someone
I know that you found someone
you wear it on your sleeves
and I confess
I waited there with baited breath
I waited I was such a mess
I wear it on my sleeves

eyes sting like gasoline
every time we meet
stop running through cop cars

stop running through cop cars


debut album coming 2009
Track Listing
1. Gasoline
2. Poisoned Apples
3. Hold
4. Candle Counter
5. We Always Bleed
6. Candy Eyes (I'm wrecking everything)
7. On The Shelf
8. Blue
9. Perfect Line
10. The Sheets and Me

produced by: Shawn Sullivan

"City Saints" EP
track listing
1. June
2. Distract the Guards
3. Don't Change This Town
4. City Saints
5. Tourniquets
6. Lynn
7. L.R.T.A.H.F.A.T.G.B.C.

Set List

set list changes every show. Typically 30-45 minutes in length. Usually all original songs but periodically will do a cover that has been tweaked out and re-styled.