Science International

Science International


The tumultuous, emotional lives of Jim Maxwell and Brian Okamoto put to glorious music.


. . . you run in and out of people like a tidal wave
you watch them fall away
by the side
Science International

The SI story begins at an ending. One band dissolves, leaving Jim, Brian and Katherine in a bind. Who will play these songs? What a shame, and such a promising start, too. Ah, the songs . . . pretty and well-crafted, but far from done.

Old friends Glenn and Chris make an entrance. After all, what's a heart without a beat? Jason and his organ come sometime after that. The lineup is complete. For now, anyways.

It's been almost eight months and much has been accomplished in that short time. Newer, prettier songs have been born. The older ones have been given a complete refresh. An EP of five songs will be ready by Spring, 2007.

They've played a handful of shows in the grey city of Toronto in that not-so-grey Toronto club, Ciao Edie. The audience is made up of people who have felt left, lost and heartbroken at one time or another. They come to laugh and dance, clap and cheer. They drink their beer and cocktails and tell the bandmembers which song was their favourite.

With a full-length album in the works and a tour of Universities in Canada, the future looks bright. Stay tuned.



Set List

45-minute set:

Made To Break
Lose It All
Ambulance Song
End Of Thread
Scorn Your Youth