Science Parkway

Science Parkway

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

(Hands over a pair of headphones) "Listen to this...."


Science Parkway, is the musical collaboration between vocalist/producer/writer Gairyd St. Claire and composer/writer/producer Jason Vaughn. Joining forces in high school, Gairyd and Jason have been making music together since 2003 when they got in trouble in school for listening to the parental advisory version of The Clipse "Lord Willin'" album. Weeks later they were creating and experimenting with different types of sounds and found their niche in alternative music.

Born to a musical family where his father was the lead Bassist for the innovative group Zapp & Roger, Gee also found his passion in music. At the early age of 6 and after the death of his father, Gee started to sing and write music. He perfected his craft through camps, workshops, and by listening to his mother's music collection. Today he continues to make music and is inspired by the sounds of Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and Patrick Stump from Fallout Boy.

Conditioned to love the arts from the womb, as his mother took piano lessons during her pregnancy, Jason was also born to a musical family. His father played bass and electric guitar and his mother, brother, and sister sang for different choirs. Introduced to the piano at four years old, Jason became a phenomenal musician. Inspired by Radiohead, Kanye West, and others, Jason has taken his childhood craft and transformed into his own with the goal to "reinvent music from his own unique perspective."

Together, this duo aims to bend the rules and blur the lines of genre, and create music void of racial, age, or class bias, but full of passion, honesty, originality, and creativity.