Our music is heavily rhythm oriented that blends influences such as RHCP, Incubus, with elements of hard rock and blues that is brought together with lyrics that are powerful enough to move mountains yet consoling to those that can relate to them.


It was early 2012 on a quiet Sunday afternoon in a neighborhood in Stafford, Texas. This Sunday appeared to be no different than any other Sunday. The sun was shining, yet there was a cool crisp feeling in the air, and there could not be any reason to suspect that this Sunday would be any different. However, what occurred on this day would change the lives of five individuals. Much like a fuse
being lit on musical powder keg, it all started with the hum of the amplifiers. The detonation of sound began with the downstroke of chords from a guitar that set of a chain reaction of explosions followed by a second guitar, a deep rumble from the bass accompanied by a discharge of live rounds from the drums. Through the chaos echoed the sounds of a voice. As these sounds formed together with increasing intensity, the ashes of past began to ignite slowly at first, but then were engulfed in a flame not seen or heard before. From these flames arose a phoenix built on passion, dedication, and an undying pursuit of glory. As time passed, the phoenix grew bigger, stronger, and burned brighter than ever before. The phoenix was ready for a name that would represent its life’s experience, its understanding, and accomplishments. The phoenix became to be known as Scienter, and has fully extended it's wings and is ready to take flight.

Set List

Dig Deep
Pull Off
Deviation Standard
Without Benefits
First Time
Forever There
Devil Drops