Scientific Map

Scientific Map

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Moving between Afrobeat, funk, fusion, hip hop, new groove, nu-jazz, psychedelia, and R&B, Scientific Map could only have been born in Chicago. Their current work with vocalist Gene Stovall has a strong focus on songwriting and a soul-rock sound.


Chicago�s Scientific Map features four musicians from diverse backgrounds whose roots lie in gospel, hip hop, jazz, and rock. Led by guitarist Matt Hudson, the band members effortlessly blend their individual styles with elements of funk, soul, and rock. Vocalist Gene Stovall completes this unit with his insightful lyrics and soulful musings.


Hudson 2007
Power to the Babies 2008

Set List

sets include original music as well as the occasional cover of Herbie Hancock, J Dilla, or anything else that may we may be passionate about that night.