BandHip HopEDM

Im a MC/Producer/Sound Engineer that has been in music my whole life. I have touched Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Blues, Rock, Jazz, House, Techno, Dub-Step, & Acoustic etc. I have been performing since 2000. I blend well with all musicians & love a world sound.


I Started in 1993 @13 as a freestyle rapper & became a battle MC @ 15. I Started performing on stage in 1998 with local artist then took place on the mixing boards in 2001. After dropping my first cd in 2004 I moved to Los Angeles to enter Sound Engineering school (Los Angeles Recording School) & graduated 2nd in my class. In 2006 returned to Fresno,CA to help rejuvenate the music scene with my experience & drive. Since then I have been performing on stage with tons of artist & have released 6 projects. Now I am working on my 7th project & 2nd solo cd & also am working on 8 other artists projects (Producing/Engineering) & looking foward to making a big push in my music career


Climaxxx Crew Presents...Foreign Natives -12 Steps (2004)
The Kermpton Mixtape Vol.1 (2006)
Legato (L.G.T) - The Next Big Thing (2007)
Fuck You Bitch I'm Acting Brand New Mixtape Vol.1 (2008)
Fuck You Bitch I'm Acting Brand New Mixtape Vol.1.5 (2009)
T.M.E - Time Money Energy Mixtape (2012)
#DoWork Mixtape (2012)