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"Interior Design of the Rhyme" the mixtape

"The Astrolyricist", new album



The Hip Hop Supernova "Scifi" born in Indiana and raised in Philadelphia, has created an entirely new atmosphere and style in Hip Hop. Growing up "Scifi" never stayed in one city for more than a couple of years before moving to a new state, he soon began feeling like a nomad even with a strong family beside him.

In his early teenage years the pen and pad seemed to be Scifi's only real friend, starting from powerful and energetic poetry which was praised by anyone he encountered into what you hear today.

During high school Scifi's poetry became even more prestigious, his work was praised by nearly eveyone in all the schools he enrolled into. Several colleges all over the nation requested his poetic works to be inserted into their annual literary curriculum that is how great this artist truly is.

Creativity, imagery, and intelligence was always abundant with Scifi, freestyling over a beatboxer before and after class was an everyday thing. Sci was an expert battle rapper though it is necessary at times he feels that its meaningless and just before graduating a year early ahead of his class Scifi finally laid down what he had on paper over a beat and what was created... was Hip Hop in its purest form.

From that point on Scifi swore under oath to restore Hip Hop to its original form and also to better it, to continue it forever... and who is more capable than him, he has a universal sound his style is ultimate just his present alone is inspiring.

In his late teens the harshness of the streets became a reality for Scifi, but the combination of street-smarts and book-smarts made him invincible all the struggles and negativity the streets dished out did'nt faze him.
The job market opened up for Scifi easily simiply because of his powerful presents and his clever way with words. First working at a grocerie store for some extra cash while attending school and after graduating Scifi became a government official working for the city of Winston-Salem, NC.

Soon realizing that a 9 to 5 job just is'nt for him Scifi decided to take on the entertainment business, so Scifi released his first album entitled "The Astrolyricist" the title came from joining astrophisics and lyricism the two things Scifi had the most passion for. The number one reason Scifi is charished by Hip Hop fans globally is because everytime he picks up the microphone something amazing happens.

In his own words "Hip Hop is a highway to happiness, i just try to pave it"