Sci Fi

Sci Fi


It's high energy, live, and in your face. Jazz, funk, reggae, house, latin, dub, to only name a few. "A pleasing concoction of exploratory jazz and organically driven electronica that moves the body, yet satisfies the head." -HGMN


Inspired by the late jazz greats, Sci Fi has taken it and run wild. Their diverse tastes in music have been put into a blender and spewed out in your face. See for yourself.

*To see more shows that the band have played, check out the "past shows" section on our website.


Sci Fi (self-titled 2008) now available on I-Tunes, or in full on our website. Recorded at Earth One Studio in Atlanta, GA... Produced and Engineered by electronica mastermind Alex Ginz.

Tyler Simmons, Sci Fi's keyboardist, is currently working with a project called the Big Ol' Nasty Getdown. Within this group, he has recorded tracks with Geprge Clinton, Gary "StarChild" Shider (Parliament Funkadelic), Rob Mercurio (Galactic), Terrence Higgins (Dirty Dozen Brass Band), and a number of others.

Set List

Originals that skip across various genres, all without losing the groove. What may begin as a heavily delayed dub tune may transform into high energy funk. Intellectually stimulating segues, teases, and grooves.

Covers change consistently, some of the favorites are Herbie Hancock, Zappa, and funked out jazz standards.