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June 2007, SCIFIN E.P.
Songs currently getting airplay on multiple radio stations across the US and also in select cities on Music Choice On Demand: "Breaking Point" & "Everything"



So, just who in the hell do we think we are? Simply put, we are SCIFIN, the newest Hard Rock sensation in Los Angeles. SCIFIN offers a FRESH SOUND to the rock-deprived world of music that is both sonically unique and diverse in its writing style. With each member coming from entirely different musical backgrounds and having extensive resumes of former band projects, the writing process is diverse yet unified; creating a sound that can be described as nothing other than…SCIFIN.

Led by front man, Johnnie Colter (Lead Vocals), the seeds of the band were planted way back in the early-mid 90's when Johnnie and Rick Trinidad (Drums/Vocals) met at VA Tech. On a group backpacking trip across Europe they found that they both shared a serious passion for music and the same musical vision for a serious Hard Rock band. Shortly thereafter, Johnnie moved out to Los Angeles to pursue an acting and modeling career but quickly found a new purpose in music; rightly so, as his menacing presence on stage coupled with an extremely powerful vocal prowess make him the ideal front man. Oh yeah, chicks dig him, too.

Fast forward to the year 2000: A chance meeting between Johnnie and guitar player and L.A. native, Joe Bozzi (Guitar/Vocals), led to garage style jams with Johnnie ON DRUMS! Joe, having played in a number of local L.A. bands, had developed a reputation as the loudest guitar player around with the most KICK-ASS tone around. Joe quickly turned Johnnie on to his writing and then in 2001, Rick migrated further west to LA after intensive music schooling in Texas and Colorado. Johnnie, Rick, and Joe got together and the musical vision erupted and SCIFIN was born. Rooted in the rhythmically challenging drumming styles of jazz, funk, Latin, and of course...rock, Rick brings forth an integral part of the SCIFIN formula. His finesse matched with a solid, hard-hitting style serves as an intricately structured back-bone of the rhythm section.

Hailing from Texas, Steve Longoria (Bass Guitar) saw this ad in a local paper: "Wanted: Bass Player. Must kick ass. Rhythmically challenged need not apply." A total of 3 people showed up at the audition and out of the 3 Steve sucked the least, thus earning a place in the band. But seriously, the main reason that Steve got the job was that he and Rick fell into an instant groove. His thunderous bass tone is the product of a blend of metal and funk and he brings forth an interesting wild-card element to the writing.

Equipped with a powerful guitar assault and three-part vocal harmonies, SCIFIN's unique blend of hard rock delivers a new sound that sets itself apart from the norm of what is heard in music today.

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