Swervedriver meets Husker Du by way of The Feelies.


Formed in 1999, just after guitarist/singer Steve Kennedy's stint on drums with Chris Streng (of Stratford 4) in the band Estuary, SCIFLYER enters what appears to be a growing shoegazer revival scene....recently dubbed Nu-Gaze by MAGNET Magazine. The band self-released two critcally acclaimed ep's in 2001 and 02 and were eventually picked up by indie label, Clairecords for the release of 2003's "Fair Weather Karma", which made it to #113 on the CMJ Top 200!

Combining the influences of the early 90's shoegazers, like Swervedriver, Ride, Loop, etc with Steve's earlier influences like Husker Du, The Feelies, Rain Parade, etc, SCIFLYER has shown themselves to be, as Magnet's Fred Mills put it, "no one-shoe pony".


Sciflyer - s/t (self released, 6 songs, 2001)
"Melt" EP (self released, 3 songs, 2002)
"Fair Weather Karma" (Clairecords, full-length, 2003)
"The Age of Lovely, Intimate Things" (Clairecords, 5 songs, 2005)

Set List

Burn & Sell
Beyond The Event Horizon
Pacific Northwest
Studio Audience
Burning Down The House
Like An Ion
Letting Go Of Everything