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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"Sciflyer was next up… This band has the bitiest and most wah-infused rock sound since those early Swervedriver records. In fact, I would say that they are the most viable surrogate for Adam Franklin's band yet. A very melodic bass player and rock solid drumming (played on a clear plastic kit just like Jon Bonham used) complete the three-piece's vibrant sound. This band creates a lot of noise for only three players, complete with tempo changes, rhythm changes and sweeping guitars that bury vocals and carry on a brilliant musical legacy." - Hybrid Magazine

"MAGNET, Feb/Mar 2004"

"Propulsive and visceral yet unerringly melodic, Sciflyer's debut is a juggernaut ride to the ravedown!" - Fred Mills


"Lifting, lilting guitar sparkle that makes me feel like I've just been kissed." - Marcel Feldmar

"HYBRID, Aug. 2005"

"These songs float around your head, swirling masses of glorious sonic splendor." - Embo Blake

"POP MATTERS, Nov. 2005"

"The guitars sparkle and fade, the rhythm section is active, and all's well for those who can't get enough dreampop in their record collections." - John Bergstrom


"Sciflyer's approach is true to the shoegazer tact of yore on 'The Age of Lovely Intimate Things', while maintaining a uniqueness that sets it apart from the Ride and Swervedriver worshipers that have scattered the alternative music landscape since the early 90's. Sciflyer's sonic affairs are not only in order, but hell-bent on reviving an otherwise dormant music style."

- John D. Luerssen


Sciflyer s/t EP, 2001, self-released.
Melt EP, 2002, self-released.
Fair Weather Karma, 2003, Clairecords.
The Age Of Lovely Intimate Things, 2005, Clairecords.


Feeling a bit camera shy


You know...let there be small step for man...shoegaze,, dream-pop...on and on and on...and in 2003 the band signed to Clairecords, toured the US and landed their debut in the CMJ Top 200! A brief hiatus...a few smaller regional tours...a new EP in 2005...a few more pointless tours...which brings us up to the present where we find the band just back from their debut at SXSW (which went swimmingly, thank you very much), and currently working on a new full-lengther they hope to deliver to the suits at Clairecords before the Mayan Calendar runs out. And now, if CMJ would be so kind as to not put off the inevitable....