We have always been here. We will to continue to be here even after there is no more 'here' here. That is when we'll be 'there'. That 'when' is 'now'.


You know...let there be small step for man...shoegaze,, dream-pop...on and on and on...and in 2003 the band signed to Clairecords, toured the US and landed their debut in the CMJ Top 200! A brief hiatus...a few smaller regional tours...a new EP in 2005...a few more pointless tours...which brings us up to the present where we find the band just back from their debut at SXSW (which went swimmingly, thank you very much), and currently working on a new full-lengther they hope to deliver to the suits at Clairecords before the Mayan Calendar runs out. And now, if CMJ would be so kind as to not put off the inevitable....


Sciflyer s/t EP, 2001, self-released.
Melt EP, 2002, self-released.
Fair Weather Karma, 2003, Clairecords.
The Age Of Lovely Intimate Things, 2005, Clairecords.

Set List

Burn & Sell
So Close To Over
Like An Ion
The Nation
Letting Go Of Everything
Interstellar Overdrive