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Setting Sun EP (2005)
Beautiful Prison (2007)



Endorphins make decisions.

When the underground movements in Seattle and other parts in the country bubbled to the surface, shutting down the manufactured glam rock machine, the passion of attitude burrowed into the heart of Scinx.

When the hip-hop scene talked more about issues, created music with emotion, and wasn't so polluted with fast cars and cash, the passion of realism burrowed into the mind of Scinx.

When it was discovered that music and lyrics were an over-the-counter prescription for every scenario encountered in life, the passion of communication burrowed into the heart of Scinx.

When the first song was recorded onto a cassette in an old clock radio with an in-line microphone, the passion of music burrowed into the being of Scinx.

And when Scinx was hurtling at 70mph, straight into a solid rock wall, knowing that extinguishment from the face of the earth was a likely and probable scenario, the passion of life, and the awareness of its limited time before expiration, burrowed into the being of Scinx.

These various endorphin-releasing events consummated (and continue to enrich) a focus, drive and motivation to accomplish a goal set years ago, to more effectively record a life-story, and to enjoy life and music to a much greater degree.

The music of Scinx is created because it's a highly enriching and enjoyable activity, and because life's expiration is lurking. The music is not being created to fulfill a marketers target audience, nor does it require mahogany tables or polished wingtips complete with tassels.

Influences can be considered every event in life, and every musical note heard; whether pushed away, or pulled in.

Quite simply, the music is for those who enjoy music as an artform, and not as a commodity.

Bands that Scinx enjoys and listens to, which may have some rough correlation to the music of Scinx: The Eels, Spoon, Nada Surf, Elliott Smith, Pinback, Shout Out Louds, Arcade Fire, RjD2, DJ Shadow, Bronze Nazareth, 3 Mile Pilot, Pedro the Lion & The Dandy Warhols.