Perth, Western Australia, AUS

A diverse blend of Alternative Rock & Eclectic Pop, laced with sublime lyrics. Drawing from a talent pool of amazing musicians, their individual work lifts each song into its own space, creating a kaleidoscope of sound, that compels the listener to take heed.


Core members Terry Vinci & Hugh Bartley, bring together a myriad of exceptional artists to deliver an open approach to musical creativity. Their ability to work with different Artists, reflects the variety of sound on offer. SCIZZORMAN has a self-titled CD with 11 unique tracks, with 'Bubble' being voted as a Finalist in the National MusicOz Awards. A new animated video from the forthcoming release, AWAKE TO DREAM, has been released, receiving airplay on Rage ABC TV. The new album features more diversity as before and delivers a sound hard to pigeon hole. With tracks ranging from the sheer rock glam of GODDESS CHILD to the alluring folk mood of AWAKE TO DREAM to the Bacharach-esque ballad of BALLERINA, there is plenty here to be enlightened by.


Truth under Handshakes

Written By: Terry Vinci

Speak the lie … Cut to the chase
Race your tail … that feeds your face
Live to ride … State your case
Have the nerve … Check my haste
Anybody here who wants the grail
Everybody now is out of place
What about the need that brings you here
Walking the path on your knees
You have it all … Gets you high
Say things twice … you pay the price
Too much time … Laugh out Loud
Speak one tongue … but don’t put me down
Nothing’s here for you to keep
Everything there seems out of reach
Break it all down so you can make
All these things you cannot take
Sound survives … Skin decays
Choose this life … & say your prayers
From the earth … I reach the sun
Eat the dirt … when I’m on the run


SCiZZORMAN Self-Titled 11 Track CD!
AWAKE TO DREAM follow up 12 track Digipack!

Debut single 'Bubble' Finalist - National MusicOz Awards!

Awake to Dream: Diversity Music Group - Epic After Dark CD
Awake to Dream: Songsalive! CD Sampler 12
Truth under Handshakes:Songsalive! CD Sampler 12

RADIO 2011:
Awake to Dream & Goddess Child - Pongid Radio
Goddess Child & Goodbye - Midnight Special Blues Radio
Truth under Handshakes - Indie104 - iRADIO LA
Truth under Handshakes -

MANTS ME BACK for Nemo Boston sampler
ELEPHANTS video for OZGIGS DVD Sampler
GOODBYE for Fremantle Sailing Festival Launch


Set List

1. The Obvious Song
2. Mama wants me back
3. Goddess Child
4. Eternal Love
5. Lady Barefoot
6. Philosophical Part 1
7. Aunt McClucky
8. Philosophical Part 2
9. Stranded
10. Awake to Dream