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Snippets (2010) - Zorch Factory Records

whatever... EP (2011) - Self-release

Veto (2012) - AF-Music

Announcement EP (2012) - Self-release



«Scofferlane» have been deemed one of the most intriguing and eccentric bands currently appearing on the Russian music scene, and are best known for their live performances. Their music combines raw sound with complex melodies, and comes together in a neat blend of diverse rock-and-roll trends, unusual and unique lyrics, with a touch of decadence glamor. The lead singer, alternating between hysteria, morbid sexuality and a slightly arrogant insanity, uses not only his exceptional voice, but his whole physic to express himself.

«Sofferlane» formed in the summer of 2008, on the basis of cult underground garage band “The BOO”. Six months later they released their debut album, which caught the attention of French net label Zorch Factory Records. The label presented «Snippets» on their website. Then came the EP “whatever…” Shortly after the band was invited to perform at the Drop Dead Festival in Vilnus. In 2010 “Scofferlane” parted ways with their cellist and acquired a new drummer, adding a sax to the mix. Scofferlane’s third album “Veto” was released in 2011 and was distributed by the German net label AFmusic, receiving a significant number of positive reviews. Many were impressed by the range of sound on the album, and noted that the band had evolved.

At the moment «Scofferlane» are recording their forth album which will be released in early 2013.

Primary members of the band consist of the following people:

Stuart Stumpman (vocals / ideology), Konstantin K. (guitars), Anton C. (bass), Arseny K. (drums / percussion), Arseny Fedorov (Sound).