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ScoJourners create music from our soul for the people. Our music is filled with heartfelt energy and attitude representing perseverance through struggle. Our inner wealth and our higher consciousness inspire us. We may have our geographical home in San FranciSCO but our message reaches the masses.


ScoJourners (pronounced sko-jurn-ers) have a message. Listen and you will hear that real eyes realize real lies. We are all sojourners in this place called earth and in this space called life. Our inner wealth and our higher consciousness will take us home. ScoJourners may have their geographical home in San FranciSCO but their message reaches the masses. __________________________________________________________________________ ScoJourners members are Skitz the Samurida, Estairy, Curt Sak, An Na, and Max with each member standing in their own creative right as an artist and a visionary. The fact that each member was born and raised in San Francisco brings an uniqueness that is strictly local in flavor and yet appealing to the masses on an national and international level. Their creativity and vibe is born of long-time friends who have been making music together since 2001. Their collaboration brings together an ecclectic flow of rhymes and beats that cross cultural, race, music, and industry barriers. ScoJourners have performed and collaborated with artists such as Zion-I, San Quinn, Equipto, Mike Marshall, Hugh EMC, Andre Nickatina, Bored Stiff, Z-Man, Rappin 4-Tay, DJ Yutaka, Joey Slick (Joint One), Spank Pops, The Genie, Willie Henn, Deuce Eclipse, Sick YG, TXP, and Untied Kings. With respect from their peers and loyalty from their fans, ScoJourners challenges you to raise your consciousness, to question the system, and to seek truths. All the while, their music also tributes their Asian heritage and its marriage to the San Francisco Bay Area hip hop culture. __________________________________________________________________________ ScoJourners already have a legacy locally and internationally. ScoJourners have performed in many venues in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as many other California cities such as Chico, Los Angeles Grass Valley and the South Lake Tahoe area. Venues include The Independent, The Boom Boom Room, Blakes (Berkeley), Tongue and Groove, Bottom Of The Hill, Storyville, Club Cocomo, Luna Lounge, Studio Z, Beale Street Bar, Raw Hide, G3 Lounge, Lamia, Club Bas, Shattuck Down Low (Berkeley), Element Lounge, Lake Merced Boat House, Red Devil Lounge, Jelly's Cafe, Last Day Saloon, as well as colleges and universities. Other West Coast cities include Reno, Nevada; Denver, Colorado; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Tucson, Arizona. They are local favorites for community organizations and festivals including but not exclusive to San Francisco's Cherry Blossom Festival, Sansei Live, Nihonmachi Street Fair, and San Francisco Japan Town 100th Anniversary. Internationally, ScoJourners has toured Japan 3 times between 2004 and 2005 including multiple venues in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Yamagata, Sendai, Mito (Ibaraki-Ken). In 2005, ScoJourners toured with and opened up for Oakland-based hip hop breakthrough Zion-I. __________________________________________________________________________ Are you ready for the message? Bring us home. Preach, ScoJourners. Teach.


The Premiere (ScoJourners)
Control The Mic, Control The Masses (Skitz The Samurida)
Obsidian Times (Estairy)
Hybrid (Estairy featuring Equipto)
Go For Broke (Curt Sak)

"Independent Hustle" (Music video)

"Hands Up" (Music Video)

ScoJourners are currently recieving radio play in the USA, Japan, and Europe.

Set List

Our typical set is 25 to 35 minutes. We perform a various amount of our original material, the songs may consist of, but are not limited to:
Independent Hustle
Hands Up
The Premiere
Drift Away
Destination Unknown
We Will Survive
Keep Mashin'
Rock On
The Green Room