Space Cowboy and the Omniversal Orchestra

Space Cowboy and the Omniversal Orchestra


Original electro-acoustic compositions created by Ritchie Wallace and Charlie Guidry for use in film, television, animation, and live performance productions.


Before DJ’s were DJ’s, and mixing was a mere verb without connotation, Ritchie Wallace had his needle dropped in the cases of vinyl stacks behind a booth at a local roller skating rink. At age 16, it was his first job – well before the job was considered an art form. Eighteen years later, with various remixes, residencies, and guest performances under his belt, the DJ, Remixer, and Producer is counted among the few that can honestly recount the evolution of the craft from first hand knowledge. Wallace has performed with acts including Kimball Collins, DJ Icey, Flyhead, Red Jerry, and Egyptian Lover during residencies in Dallas, Jamaica, and Baton Rouge.

Born under blues roots in Lake Charles, La., Charlie Guidry has played music since the age of 13. Learning to play various instruments with different band line-ups, his passion for music composition increased along side the innovations of new electronic music technologies. Guidry found his sound through the infusion of acoustic and electronic instruments and has spent the last fifteen years perfecting the art of creating a groove. After studying audio engineering technology at MediaTech Institute in Austin, TX, he now works as an audio engineer at both Arlyn and Pederanales Studios. He has engineered for bands including Ohn, The Alpha Rhythm, Steamroller, Dead End Lake, and has assisted with the live and studio recordings of acts including Cake, Franz Ferdinand, The Wailers, The Roots, Los Lonely Boys, Medeski Martin and Wood, and the Nevelle Brothers.


This Joint Right Here

Written By: Space Cowboy & the Omniversal Orchestra

No lyrics other than vocal samples of "1-2-3-4" and "This Joint Right Here".


SCOO's current tracks are used during life performances and for various TV, film, and animation projects.

Set List

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