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Imagine the thought-provoking writing of 2Pac, sprinkled with the haunting and unmistakable sounds of Snoop've just imagined, Scoob Serious...uniquely a triple threat talent! Rapper/Writer/Producer, Scoob Serious has brought a whole new sound and style to the world of Christian Rap Music.

A hard-core former gang leader, Scoob Serious has traveled over the valleys and through the hoods to his Father's house he goes! Raised in Sacramento, California as Eric Doyle, he was drawn to music naturally via his God given talent, and he refined it as a sensitive juvenile trying to escape and move beyond the thug life that he found himself caught up in. Unfortunately, the pull was strong and secular beats and rhymes only lured him deeper into the vortex. As a result, he flowed with a worldly vibe for 5 years, spending time locked up, until the Lord reclaimed the talent given him, and more importantly Scoob's heart! Always faithful, God allowed the same musical talent to pulse through this young artist, but with more intensity as he surrendered his life over to the Most High, Jesus Christ.

Fast-forward 10 years, he still has a fresh new vision and vibe! Scoob Serious has been breaking down every strong hold and bustin' out of every shackle to bring a powerful message to both the saved and unsaved world, through his music! His sound is almost hypnotic in nature, as a strong riff and genuine, sincere vocals burst from every track. Whether, you are getting your dance on with thumping beats or in a place of heavenly praise, you can't help feeling as though he identifies with you; regardless of your colorful past or pressing future. He's the real deal!

His ministry of music is clearly focused on those in need of God in their lives. It has been witnessed by those who have interacted with Scoob both musically and personally, that being used as a tool to help those that are lost find their way is far more impressive than any of his musical accomplishments. If asked, Scoob will tell you..."Eternal salvation...that's the real reward."

Looking beyond his calling, a compassionate heart for broken souls is a lyrical dynamo! Scoob got his first big break while performing at the 2002 Winter Olympics and has been nothing short of a holy fire since! He has performed with such heavy-hitters as Keith Sweat, Dante Thomas, DTTX (Lighter Shade of Brown), Suga Free, Gospel Gangstaz and T-Bone, just to name a few. In between television appearances and publication interviews, Scoob has enjoyed radio air play that has propelled him into a tour of the United States. Currently, his successes include Three albums and a DVD distributed worldwide selling just over 30,000 units and a noteworthy new release, titled "The Struggle" to be released Oct 2007. If all this isn't enough 411 on this powerhouse performer; add this to the about a consideration for a Grammy Award, in count them...5 different categories. This boy's on point!

Always willing to share the wealth, Scoob has taken his vision to a whole new level, now creating his own record label. A life-long dream to excel as an artist, himself, is only perfected with the production of other talented, newbie artist. This vision has morphed into Visualize Music Group, spearheaded by one of the most talented and influential Christian Artist, today, Scoob Serious...this is a new and lasting label to be reckoned with!


Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Written By: Erick Doyle/ 2004 / BMI

Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door / I’m not afraid no more
Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door / and I am not afraid no more.

Verse one
Lord I done made way to many mistakes/ and I don’ t know if there’s a way out when you get to this place/ I heard it said that you’ve got this thing called grace/ and I would do anything for a little taste/ I think I’ve finally lost in this game/ not knowing all those things I would do would drive me insane/ but if there’s anything that you can do its better than this pain that I’m going through/ lord I’m in this place where I’m sick and tired of running/ I’m sick and tired of loading bullets in my gun/ I fill like someone’s chasing me but it always ends up being no one/ I’m sick and tired of being lost never knowing what end I’m on/ and I don’t want’ a die all alone/ so I’m calling heaven on the telephone/ but it always seems like ant nobody home/ is it too late is my life already gone.

Verse two
I used to blame God when my homies would die/ when anything bad ever happened in my life/ I flushed away my pains getting drunk and high/ trying to escape these filling I was having inside/ and I could never figure out why/ there always seem to be this hand reaching out for mine/ I’m having dreams homies crying out from the grave/ telling me Scoob boy you’ve got to get saved/ and I don’t never want’ a go to that place/ cause I could see the misery all across their face/ lord I’m sorry for all those things that I did/ I promise you lord that I regret it/ lord please don’t let me go to this place/ I know it wouldn’t be your fault I’ve only got myself to blame/ I’m willing to make the change/ so I’m knocking.

Verse three
Ask and will be given to you/ seek and you will find/ knock and the door will be opened/ for everyone who ask receives/ he who seeks will find/ to him who knocks the door will be opened/ he’s always there for you/ so I’m asking lord/ lord will you rescue me, lord will you rescue me from my misery/ repeat 4x.

I’m not afraid/ never again no more/ so I’m knocking, I’m knocking at heaven’s door/ I will never be afraid again no / never be afraid again no/ I’ll be knocking/ knocking at the doors of heaven/ I was peak in through the windows it seemed nobody was home/ I started knocking / he opened up the doors and let me in/ he’ll let you in/ just knock.


Written By: Erick Doyle /2004/BMI

If I had just one wish
I would wish to be a kid again
Back when I was innocent
Before life got so confusing
Now I’m all grown up, so rough, so tough
Looking back on all the years/ all the tears
As a child I smiled with innocents.
I won’t to be a kid again.

Verse one
I remember being just a young kid growing in the c.a.
All the little kids in the neighborhood used to hang and play
We’d all laugh and play funny games
Didn’t have a care in the world, we had no shame
Unless I was taking a spanking to my back side, I had no pain
Got a little older and things started to change
People started moving away
And the ones that stayed, no longer even associate
So sometimes I pray
I wish we could go back to the old days
And how it was when we was just kids
I wished I still had my innocent
Time flu by quick, and if I could I would go back for just one minute
Sometimes I close my eyes, and try to visualize
The distractions of this world keep me from my paradise
The one thing I need the most in this life
All the joy I had as a young kid and my innocents.

Verse two
Well I'm older now and I’ve got three kids of my own
I’m trying to do the best I can to give my kids a happy home
And I, won’t to teach them the most important things in life
And when I see how fast they growing up it make’s me wont to cry
I won’t to keep them innocent for life
But there’s some bad influences in life
The worlds pushing them to grow up at a fast pace
Then we wonder why the worlds such a bad place
We done left this generation with all of our pains
Expecting them to found the way out for our mistakes
We put the burden on them at a young age
Now these kids is filled with rage
Where’s the love where’s the time to play
Its all gone innocents was taken away
We’ve got to become born again
Ask god to forgive us of our sins
Make us as kids
Other wise we will never see a heaven.

Verse three
I was rolling in my ride, late one summer night
I seen a star fall, out of the corner of my eye
I wished that I can be a child again
Fell asleep and woke up, as a little kid
I’m innocent.

If I had just one wish, I’d wish too be a kid again, when I was Innocent
Just, one wish .

Yesterday /2003/BMI

Written By: Erick Doyle

Don’t wonna go back to yesterday?
Don’t wonna see my life replayed?
All the drugs, all the guns, all the thugs
All the homies in the prisons that’s stuck.

Don’t wonna go back to yesterday?
Don’t wonna see my life replayed?
It’s the sign, of the times, of the last days
The world cries for a better place.

Verse One
So much rebellion on this earth anymore/ and old folk’s is afraid to leave there homes/ gangsters used to get stabbed in the backs or shanked in their legs/ but now days brains is getting sprayed/ kids in 6th grade killing all their class mates/ and 12 year old little girls dying of aids/ fully developed at a young age/ never knew her father now its way to late/ should have care for ourselves before we died in the game/ now a child’s died rebellions the blame/ prisons being filled to over max capability’s/ the internet sites is filled with pornography/ poverty has filled the earth so people robbing banks/ the richer get richer while the pour sank/ they wonder why suicide is at its highest/ and murder crimes is on the rising list/ And it’s bad.

Verse Two
Sound the alarm were sending our troops to Afghanistan/ the terrorist attacking the home land/ dropping the towers flying a plan through the pentagon/ another suicider drops the big bomb/ snipers hiding out taking innocent lives/ nothing but rebellion another family cries/ determined to win a war that’s just begun/ now a innocent child dies to a gun/ psycho therapist don’t even have a solution/ caught up in their own confusion/ trouble shooting/ too many people worried about stocks and trades/ the unemployment rate gets higher ever day/ there so many people out there walking double minded/ caught up in the mess of the world so there blinded/ death is expressed when the time gets close/ but now days they try to play God and make colognes/ And it’s bad.

Verse Three
It was just a matter of time before we got here/ we’ve been pushing away God for to many years/ now the end is finally drawing near/ and if you take a look around the world it seems like nobody even cares/ nothing but missals flying through our airs/ the public eye has been blinded to the death scares/ weapons of mass destructions being made/ by time we get the approval to inspect they’ve been hidden in caves/ making plans to lay us in our graves/ it gets worse cause we won’t deal with our wicked way’s/ rebellious youth is on the rampage/ tell me this ant the sign of the times of the last days/ and when it comes it will be a smack to our face/ then tell me what you’ll say on that very last day/ I’m sorry I apologize it not going to be ok/ we got to make our peace with God while we can still pray/And it’s bad.


Soldiers Of Mine 2002
No Limit Single 2003
Standing In The Gap 2004
Standing In The Gap CD/DVD 2005
Knocking On Heavens Door 2005
Off With The Mask 2006
The Struggle 2007

Set List

1. Struggling
2. Yesterday Remix
3. Troubled Waters
4. So Serious
5. Knocking On Heavens Door
6. Innocence