Scoop Lo

Scoop Lo

 Millville, New Jersey, USA
SoloHip HopPop

The pinnacle of performance! Dazzling Dance moves wonderful stage presence and a show that caters to everyone from your traditional hip hop fan to the new generation pop fan! Scoop Lo the young sensation thats been buzzing across the nation! Be amazed by the best live performance of the century!


Cocky upstart. Wow what a way to be described. That's exactly what they call South Jersey native Scoop Lo. Born in Camden New Jersey music has been his life's major alternative. He says he doesn't like to get into personal matters.When you've seen it all you don't want to hear anything. Going threw transitions that leave most people scarred Scoop is surprisingly optimistic. They say it's hard to make a transition from the streets to the fame. How much of a understatement that is. How about to the fame just to be back were you started? Being one half of rap/rb duo Gemini seemed to be the nothing less then fantastic.
To put extra feathers in his cap he has been acclaimed as fantastic writer credited on a few albums. Writer/performer/mogul Scoop is playing no holds barred after having opened up for major players in the industry such as Drake,Trey Songz,Fabolous,Twista and others it would seem success is inevitable. Chance meetings with stephen strother led him directly to Shani Gonzalez formerly of Island defjam. Scoop began a prepping for a 2011 release by joining Travis Porter on the BET blaze the stage tour,. since ending the tour he was recently tapped to be apart of the Quiksilver pro France events and campaign. Looking forward to what this young man does next.


Dorian Gray Vol 1 (2015)

The Suave Experience (2015)

Set List

Short set 25-30 minutes
1.Turned up(hip-hop/uptempo)
2.Get to Clappin(hip-hop/urban uptemp)
3.Wet Dream(urban midtempo)
4.interlude (slow0 What it do/i'm in love with you urban/slow audience interaction
6. Do it different (hip hop/Urban ballad)
7. CRazy(urban/pop uptempo)
8.How you like me now (urban/pop uptempo