The Incredible Scoop Sos!

The Incredible Scoop Sos!

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopAvant-garde

Jim Morrison meets Ghostface. A unique blend of all music pushed through the funnel of hip hop! Music for musicians!


Born in Detroit, MI, The Incredible Scoop Sos! comes from a rich musical background. His mother and father are both talented and locally known singers. He really had no choice but to enter into the musical field being surrounded by a bevy of musical forms since early childhood. The Incredible Scoop Sos! was made to study different art forms and learn about artistic expression in several areas. This became an important part of his future endeavors as a musician.

He started writing songs and performing them for family at reunions and parties at the age of 10 drawing inspiration from his environment and infusing that with the experiences he'd had at the art galleries and libraries of Detroit. By age 12 he formed his first rap group with his best friend and started his quest to become the best in his field writing rhymes and studying other forms of music to expand on what was mainstream at the time.

When 14 years old he met with a new group of rappers and helped to create a dynamic young group names "The Ill Rhyme Society" (IRS). The IRS honed their skills by battling other crews and performing at scores of local talent show around the Detroit Metro Area.

The IRS was nominated for several Detroit Music Awards, won several awards and honors from various other organizations, and eventually had a sit down with Universal Records. The youth and lack of true leadership/guidance of the group caused the deal with Universal to fall through (The IRS did not want a record deal as much as a distribution deal which Universal was not trying to offer). Still, independently, they recorded a full length album entitled "4:15" in early 2000. Selling mostly in the Detroit area, "4:15" got rave reviews and praises from local media and was featured in The Detroit Free Press, The Metro Times, Rolling Out Magazine and many other publications. The lead single, "Ain't Nothin' Changed" heard the number one spot on local radio station 105.9 for fifteen nights straight beating out other local and national artist for a record still held today!

The IRS embarked on a small tour in mid 2000 to Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO widening their audience and creating a large network of musicians to work with in the future. They were guests and performers at the major music convention Impact! in Orlando, FL in 2001.

In 2002 the IRS recorded a second untitled album. The engineer who mixed the album moved to another state right after completion and took the masters for the album with him never to be heard from again. Disappointed, but persistent, The IRS re-recorded many of the songs from the album in a home studio and released a series of mix tapes to fund a professional re-recording.

Although the mix tape series was a minor success, before the second full length album could be realized the group broke up. Now a solo artist, The Incredible Scoop Sos! was seemingly back at square one trying to make music that would be starkly different from the IRS sound.

It was at this time, in 2003, that The Incredible Scoop Sos! reconnected with some of the rappers he had been working with during the IRS period. This group of 11 members was named 'The Illiance'. The Illiance was already at work on their debut project entitled "Az Iz" when The Incredible Scoop Sos! was invited into the fold. He made the group just in time to grace one song from Az Iz. Though not a success, Az Iz got The Illiance started on a path that would eventually flower into greatness.

Following Az Iz, The Illiance produced their sophomore effort named 'Under The Bridge". With production from locally well known producer Doc Illingsworth and creative Grand Theft Auto-esque cover art, Under The Bridge garnered more attention for the group and allowed for performances and exposure that the previous album did not. The group created Illiance Records LLC and set to produce solo and more group ventures from the artists represented in the album.

Studio engineer, Dasillah allowed for The Incredible Scoop Sos! to finally, and for the first time in his history of music, create a totally uninhibited solo album. The album was entitled "And Now For Something Completely Different" under the pseudonym 'Emir Lye' and was a true depiction of the talent that The Incredible Scoop Sos! was holding back on previous albums.

"And Now For Something Completely Different" was a very dark, psychological album twisting words and phrasing into riddles that only the very astute listener would be able to understand, but that the average hip hop head would thoroughly enjoy, with minor hits 'The War On Drugs (a crowd favorite) and 'Judas Peace'.

The Illiance, Emir Lye (The Incredible Scoop Sos!), Jay and Whiz, and Styfe DaFantom, all of Illiance Records LLC embarked on a promotion tour performing at colleges including, but not limited to The University or Michigan and Wayne State University, locally. They tra


4:15, Released with the Ill Rhyme Society, P.O.W. Records, 1999

As Iz, Released with The Illiance, Illiance Records, 2002

Under the Bridge, Released with The Illiance, Illiance Records, 2003

And Now For Something Completely Different, Released as Emir Lye, Illiance Records, 2005

Set List

Old Beginning
They Say
The War on Drugs
Judas Peace
Oh Yeah
Blades, Waves and Days
Like That?
Braggin Writes
My Grandmother
Twisted Metal Black
Blond Bombshell
The Good Will Come Up
New Ending