Scorpion Jack

Scorpion Jack


Scorpion Jack play dynamic high energy acoustic folk rock. David G. Preston is the singer, guitar player and writer. An extremely able musician, he punctuates humour, emotion and energy into his performances and has a wonderfully powerful voice packed with charisma.


Scorpion Jack are an acoustic folk rock group based in the North of Ireland. There debut album is to be released throughout the North on the 11th March and 1st April 2011 internationally. There reputation throughout the UK, Ireland and the US has been growing steadily. They are exciting to listen to, their songs are catchy and intriguing. The quirky powerful approach draws an array of listeners of different backgrounds and professions: ballet dancers, kick boxers, lawyers, social workers, metal fans, folk fans and a hug spectrum of ages and markets. Universal appeal through technical dexterity, simplicity and a connection via honest material.

David Preston is an intriguing character as much on stage as off stage. His multi-tasking capabilities whilst playing guitar and singing are enough to make a view worth while, the combination of the two brings something substantial to the table that is cooked up in the fusion.

Book this boy and don't be disappointed. His band mate, Rohan Young will be currently heading to Singapore with a Traditional Irish play outfit for St. Patrick's Day.


Somalia Pirates

Written By: Scorpion Jack

Somalia Pirates

I wish I was a Somalia Pirate.
Rocket launcher in hand I'd sail the seas.
Oh if I was a somalia pirate,
A pirate's life is the one for me.

We demand ransoms for your vessels.
You won't see me on CCTV.
We hoard your ransoms with your treasures,
Or send your crew back piece by piece.

Speed boats hurtle through the waves.
Warning shots fire past prospective bows.
We're real pirates we'd don't copy dvds,
A pirates life is the one for me.

I'm a pirate I've got my chat in my pocket,
I'm a pirate on my boat with my rocket,
And if a pirate is not on the water,
Then a pirate's with someone else's daughter.

A pirates life is the one for me.
Maybe sail all seven seas,
Or reduce that number to three, and,
Cover our territory with ease

I know, I know,
I should not be stealing.
I want, I want
your boat to be sinking.

Send your boat down,
Ten fathoms,
Unless you pay us,
Our Ransom.


Album No Thanks, Yes Please!

Constantly Burning

Error 404

Apple Bomb


I packed up all my bags


Ulster Cycle



Released under Amphoteric Records

EP - 5 Gallon Drum

Streamed on myspace, lastfm and we7. Also being played on small independent radio stations throughout London.

Scorpion Jack
1/ Tonight
2/ Constantly Burning
3/ Somalia Pirates
4/ Dreamy the Squirrel Monkey

EP has been played through Northern Ireland on the radio including u105, Feile FM and BBc radio Ulster. They are played online via youtube, myspace, RPM challenge and Homely Planet radio.

Set List

Scorpion Jack have taken traditional folk music and given it an injection of reality. Like a dj they blend their songs together tirelessly playing sets teasing the audience to tell when one song ends and another finishes. Not one continuous song but a group of sets with interaction between letting the crowd hear witticisms, song explanations and encouraging some participation, hecklers welcome to be shot down and made part of their crew.

A powerful unexpecting stage show from well practiced world class musicians and composers.

Apple Bomb (acoustic ballad)
Three word song (spontaneous song made up from the words provided by audience participation)
I walk the line (Johny Cash cover played like the original then adopted in their own idiom for the remainder of the song.)
Somalia Pirates (Acoustic Dub song about title)
Tonight (Single)
Constantly Burning
Emerald (Thin Lizzy)
Country Boy
Sweet Dreams (Inexcess)
Brand New Day
Full Moon
Ulster Cycle

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