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"Acoustic NI" - AcousticNI

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"Balcony TV Dublin"

Dublin for the day for a little excursion - Youtube

"Dublin for the day" - youtube

"Willowstone a hit"

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"Music Saves"

In the year of the economic markets crashing and the depression starting to look like it might fall into a full blown recession there is at least one thing that keeps the speculator's boat afloat, a rather unusual concept of positive musical economic thinking. Scorpion Jack have been heralded as the new era of design and thought. Utilising Parkour philosophy to stride obstacles economists have been hailing their fresh sound as the new capitalist neo-marxist blend that are the condiments of the world markets.

In a time of slowing economic growth, sustenance can be found in this duo's pairing. Expect money to change hands for any licensing that these two provide.

Jim Thompson - Financial Times

"Scorpion Jack rock our Tuesday"

Its a tuesday night and the well loved famous Duke of York has a few punters standing round the bar watching some of football on the big screen.

At half nine two bearded men walk in laden with amps, instruments and bags. The barmaid smiles and greets them and they wander off round a corner, where a gate has previously been locked.

Slowly a steady stream of people walk in to the bar and get themselves a drink and head round through the gate. A heady mix of ages, races, nationalities and gender make up the crowd for the impending music set.

At ten the acoustic duo introduce themselves as Scorpion Jack and yuo can't but feel that they are Pirates from a different age.

There first song is autobiographical and one of them sings about his day. The drummer plays fast and proud setting the audience into a trance.

Pints of Guinness are brought down by the bar staff and set on a table between them. As each song finished half a pint disappears down their throats and they continue.

The songs are off wild mystical tales, stories of lighting fires, partying throughout the night, Somalia Pirates, love, desserts (only of the apple based variety David is quick to add) and then they ask for some words from the audience which they masterfully turn into a song which actually has a story incorporating all of the words, in this case some are not to be repeated and some are even harder to pronounce, never mind rhyme and sing.

The two musicians stop for 15 minutes in every set and talk to the audience individually creating a welcome friendly atmosphere.

Scorpion Jack have an energy that traverses styles of music. I counted reggae, blues, rock, traditional Irish, Metal and pop amongst some of the genres they skip between and to. Songs are 20 minutes long with 4 or 5 songs built into each song, crossed over like a DJ mixes.

A new approach to old instruments proving that old dogs don't just learn new tricks, they teach them.

For more information on gigs and information on Scorpion Jack visit their myspace page - Culture Northern Ireland

"MÚSICA - O veneno do escorpião irlandês"

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MÚSICA - O veneno do escorpião irlandês
Qui, 31 de Dezembro de 2009 20:50
(Belfast, BR Press) - O veneno do escorpião, na verdade, não tem nada a ver com a garota de programa e best seller Bruna Surfistinha. Onde ele encontra letalidade e ressonância que se prezem – e para as quais um ghost writer jamais poderia ser o antídoto – jaz um pouco acima do Atlântico, no Mar da Irlanda, mais precisamente à beira dos íngrimes penhascos, águas cinzas e dos templos celtas do litoral do condado de Antrim. É em Belfast, capital da hoje próspera e pacificada Irlanda do Norte, que o artrópode invertebrado ensaia sua maior – e melhor – ferroada, sob a forma híbrida da dupla de celtic folk-rock Scorpion Jack.

O duo, formado pelo talentoso guitarrista, cantor e compositor David Preston, e pelo tocador de bohran – instrumento percussivo tradicional irlandês – e fã de Thin Lizzy Rohan Young é, segundo o DJ Kevin Young, da rádio local Feile FM, "uma das mais inovadoras bandas" da terra que deu ao mundo excelências indies como Stiff Little Fingers, That Petrol Emotion e Snow Patrol. À vontade num set semi-acústico e transbordando lirismo da herança irlandesa transmutada pela energia que só o rock produz, o par faz e acontece nos shows regulares em pubs da cidade – toda terça, às 22h, no popular The Duke of York –, quando não está em miniturnês pela Escócia e Inglaterra.


Com o EP 5 Gallum Drum lançado este ano e gravando o CD de estreia, No Thanks, Yes Please! (Ampho Records –, prometido para 7 de março, o Scopion Jack pode se gabar de fazer um som totalmente original e promete cruzar a tênue fronteira entre o pop e o alternativo se encontrar escoamento para o mercado global via Londres.

Caso isso não aconteça, a banda corre o risco de ficar restrita ao público irlandês/britânico. Nada que comprometa a qualidade de sua música, a modernidade de seus arranjos e a visceralidade de letras (ouça Constantly Burning no MySpace do duo – O single será a climática balada Tonight, potencial hit, e sai em 14 de fevereiro. Mas há muito mais veneno para sorver. Leia-se Wild and Dangerous, Ulster Cycle e Excess. Certamente, uma das grandes – e gratas – surpresas de 2009.

(Juliana Resende/BR Press) - BRpress


Album No Thanks, Yes Please!

Constantly Burning

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Apple Bomb


I packed up all my bags


Ulster Cycle



Released under Amphoteric Records

EP - 5 Gallon Drum

Streamed on myspace, lastfm and we7. Also being played on small independent radio stations throughout London.

Scorpion Jack
1/ Tonight
2/ Constantly Burning
3/ Somalia Pirates
4/ Dreamy the Squirrel Monkey

EP has been played through Northern Ireland on the radio including u105, Feile FM and BBc radio Ulster. They are played online via youtube, myspace, RPM challenge and Homely Planet radio.



Scorpion Jack are an acoustic folk rock group based in the North of Ireland. There debut album is to be released throughout the North on the 11th March and 1st April 2011 internationally. There reputation throughout the UK, Ireland and the US has been growing steadily. They are exciting to listen to, their songs are catchy and intriguing. The quirky powerful approach draws an array of listeners of different backgrounds and professions: ballet dancers, kick boxers, lawyers, social workers, metal fans, folk fans and a hug spectrum of ages and markets. Universal appeal through technical dexterity, simplicity and a connection via honest material.

David Preston is an intriguing character as much on stage as off stage. His multi-tasking capabilities whilst playing guitar and singing are enough to make a view worth while, the combination of the two brings something substantial to the table that is cooked up in the fusion.

Book this boy and don't be disappointed. His band mate, Rohan Young will be currently heading to Singapore with a Traditional Irish play outfit for St. Patrick's Day.