Scotch is a rock based blues quartet from Whitehorse, Yukon. Composed of two sets of brothers, these versatile musicians bring a feel of cabaret and jazz to their unique style of composing. With an eclectic repertoire of music, Scotch is sure to captivate and entertain audiences both young and old.


Bred in the basement of their small Whitehorse community, Scotch has been entertaining blues and rock faithfuls alike with their high energy live performances for the past three years. This band of brothers, raised on the same street and playing music together for the past decade, have a sound influenced by and comparable to the likes of Tom Waits, ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers, Ween and The Tragically Hip. After many years, countless bands and mixed line-ups they have found their niche in Scotch.

At the helm, Declan O'Donovan plays the keyboard and handles the lead vocal, backed by his brother Ryan's guitar, Adrian Bergman's bass guitar, and Joel Bergman's drums.

Over the last three years they have built widespread popularity for themselves through their sold-out shows, their 2005 EP (Five Bonies in the Snotlocker), their singles from the Listen Up compilation(Big Women and Karaoke and Under the Covers) and their appearances at the Dawson City and Alsek music festivals. Currently located in the Montreal, Quebec, the band is finishing up work on their first full length album.


-Dark cold night
-Tell me to stop
-La Toilette

-Under the Covers
-Big women and karaoke

Set List

Originals Set List:
The Picture (unreleased)
La Toilete (Five Bonies in the Snotlocker)
Can't Be Satisfied-Find My Way Home (unreleased)
Big Women and Karaoke (Listen Up, Music from Canada's North)
Dark Cold night (Five Bonies in the Snotlocker)
Under the Covers (Listen Up, Music from Canada's North)
Poppins (Five bonies in the snotlocker)
The Railroad (unreleased)

This original set fills a solid hour. However Scotch is accustomed to filling a night with three 45-minute or hour-long sets with originals plus blues and rock covers from bands such as Tom Waits, Muddy Waters, The Tragically hip, Ween, The Allman Brothers, ZZ top.